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Need Help 4GOE | Mapper/Dev Needed


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using Damian666's "Orion+"


Basic Synopsis

4 Good or Evil is a modern-set game themed in agents vs. the mafia. Play as either team, in a merciless bloodbath for money, power, and control! Loot players houses, own the shops, houses, and every other company located in cities! Mercilessly kill the opposing team whenever seen! Hide from your foes inside buildings, and use a range of abilities to conquer them! Scout various puzzling dungeons that will make you use your mind, and find parts from monsters to build new weapons and armors, maybe even potions!


Support us!







Z1 Pharmaceuticals, that's where it all began. They thought they found a cure, a way to save lives like no other. How very wrong they were. Z1 Pharmaceuticals created and developed a new chemical medicine, taken by drinking, that would, over time, essentially heal its patients of cancer. For the first 1-3 years, this was correct, and around the world its cancer patients slowly began to feel better than ever! It was a miracle, and of course Z1 Pharmaceuticals made trillions. 


Then a few more years passed...

and a few more...

And before anyone knew it, or could put their finger on it, strange sightings of alien or disgusting-like creatures reaping menace through cities were spotted more and more frequently. Most of these creatures were locked away in "dungeons", to keep the cities at peace, but this didn't help. The creatures started coming in numbers that us humans could not compete with. They developed a task force known as "The Agents". The Agents were a group of highly intelligent and combat-specialized individuals. The Agents, successfully banished (most) of these creatures to the "dungeons" men created. With a little technology, they sealed them away in ways it would be difficult for anyone to release them, or even get inside and around the place. 


Then people started to catch on...

the news started interviewing people...

and before you knew it...

Z1 Pharmaceuticals was facing the lawsuit of a time. Z1 Pharmaceuticals developed a cure for cancer that over time, completely transformed its patients into bio-chemical creatures, mostly making the body full of ectoplasm, Z1 Pharmaceuticals main ingredient for the product they called "Z1", the suggested "Cure". The ectoplasm was suggested to work that they took over the bodies cells, and the ectoplasm ate the cancer, and this was correct, however, over time, the ectoplasm took over the bodies cells 100% and became full blown "creature-mode". Every member of the Z1 Pharmaceuticals company was put to death, over a very very long trial. Some were put to death through lethal injection, and some put to death through the chivalry of an unknown person. 


These "unknown people" that helped killed the rest of Z1 Pharmaceuticals, who weren't put through lethal injection was a group called "The Mafia". The Mafia was a group created to kill The Agents, who's goal and sole purpose is to rid of ectoplasm, The Mafia see's it different. The Mafia wants to obtain this ectoplasm for money and power. They want to use the ectoplasm to destroy those who oppose them, and potentially trade it to big corporations on the black market for giant quantities of cash. 


The Agents, The Mafia, you choose.







I do not have much to put in this area however I am using the "Old School Modern Asset Pack" by finalbossblues, pack can be found here: https://finalbossblues.itch.io/old-school-modern

I will use the below image to showcase the graphics until I have more to put in this area. 

Meadowview City (Beginning Area) 

Somewhat Unfinished, all the houses with signs are shops. 4 different types of shops available, Cafe, where you can buy food and drinks to make sure your hunger level is okay, they also have a bathroom, where you can use to replenish your hygiene bar a tiny bit. Gun store, don't think I got to explain that, sells guns and ammo, and body armor store, sells armors that increase health or defence. (Since there is no stats such as str, int, etc that we will use in the game). Inns will allow you to sleep there free of charge, replenishing your sleep bar. 



Reloading/Projectiles Exploding upon Impact

Thank you @Damian666 couldnt have done it better!



Different Paperdolls!

Thank you @Toahst you did a wonderful job<3



We're Recruiting!




We are currently only searching for a mapper and a developer to cover items, NPC's etc etc, if you are interested, send me a PM!





  • Loot Player Houses - Players will be able to loot each others houses. Players must lockpick the front door, and the chest containing cash and items. If a player is offline, you can only pick UP TO 3 items from their chest, no cash. If online, the player who's house you are looting will be alerted, in which he can teleport to his house, free of charge, in which you should teleport, or the player who's looting your house has free access to your whole bank, all its items, all the cash. Get ready for looting bloodbaths.
  • Explore Dungeons and Solve Puzzles - Dungeons will have creatures that drop ectoplasm or parts to make new weapons, armor, or potions. Solve puzzles and explore the dungeons secrets to reveal a boss that will be worth the time and effort!
  • Craft New Weapons and ArmorsPlayers will be able to craft new armors, weapons, and potions through dropped items in dungeons. Dungeons will be the heart of soul of PvE here at 4 Good or Evil, aside from getting XP from killing other players. 
  • Dominate the City! - Players will be able to buy shops, houses, companies, etc. If a player owns a shop or company, they will receive all the Cash spent there inside their chest at their player house. If one whole faction (Agents or Mafia) own the whole city, you get double what's spent there in your chest. 
  • Fluffy Pets to Ferocious Pets - Thanks to Damian's recent update, we can now feature pets that will assist players in combat!
  • Player Houses - Obviously, (lol) we will have player houses. Player houses will be the only way to store items and Cash, and can be decorated with tons of furniture. 
  • Awesome PvP System - Its open world! Agents vs. Mafia! Fight to the death, players will drop all items except 3 upon death, as well as Insignia's that can be traded in game for better weapons or armors or resources to craft them. 
  • Sell Drugs - Some NPCs have a certain fix! For some extra work and time, you can get some drugs to sell to them. Some NPC's might try to rob you for them, so be careful! Drugs will increase combat aspects, with an eventual side-effect. 
  • Hunger, Hygiene, and Sleep - You will need to keep your character fed, make sure he takes regular showers, and sleeps every night. Being logged out will not affect hunger, hygiene, or sleep. 

4 ACTUAL hours without food, you will die, dropping ALL your items, unlike dying to an NPC or Player where you would get to keep 3 items

- 48 ACTUAL hours without taking a shower, you will smell and cannot talk to NPC's until you take a shower

- 12 ACTUAL hours without sleep and your character will fall asleep where he is standing for 5 minutes. You are in a state of paralysis and cannot move, players on the map will be alerted that a player has fallen asleep and will give coordinates of the sleeping players location

 More will be in this section in due-time. 

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Guest SherwiN

Off-topic: Thanks for the screenshot, I just figure out how you made that Projectile Exploding upon impact :D

On-topic: Looks cool, but i hope this game will use a font and ui style suited for the graphics


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9 hours ago, xSherwiNx said:

Off-topic: Thanks for the screenshot, I just figure out how you made that Projectile Exploding upon impact :D

On-topic: Looks cool, but i hope this game will use a font and ui style suited for the graphics



Thanks Sherwin! We will be changing both :) I think the font needs to change too! UI is no problem I got that one!

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Love the tiles. Are they free or allowed to use for commercial purposes though? I've seen them on RPGMaker before

You might run into trouble with licensing


Also, i get Graal Era vibes from this, which is good. :)

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Well the tiles and sprites are made by Jason Perry, who also made the Time Fantasy tiles and sprites. So if @yeroC did what I did and specifically got ahold of the artist and bought/asked permission then he should be okay. 

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