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2D Rogue-Like/RPG Assets [For Sale]


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Hey Guys, some of you may have been seen my project pestilence online in the projects section of this forum. I'm trying to create some extra cash online with my hobbies because i have a little on coming in july 2017. So I have decided to start selling my 2d asset sets. The first of wich is my rogue-like pack which i call rogue realms.


Rogue Realms


Link to Scirra Store Download Page: https://www.scirra.com/store/2d-game-graphics-packs/rogue-like-assets-pack-3126

Price is only $10.19 USD! Eventually when the pack is much larger the price will go up so grab it while its cheap.


The Rogue-Like Assets Pack is a collection of Retro 2d Pixel Graphics meant to create a Rogue-Like Game Or RPG.

This pack is continuing to be developed everyday and all updates are free! Pick this pack up while its cheap and feel free to tell me what you want added to this set in the comments section below. Currently as the pack stands, there are more than enough graphics to create a rogue-like or RPG game with. Because RPG's and dungeon rogue-like games can be so massive we will always continue to add more items, monsters and more to this pack!


Currently Included in this set is:

53 Item Icons

6 Tile-sets(TiledMaps)

8 World Animations

39 Entities(Players/Npc's)

8 HUD Elements

55 Gathering Skill Graphics(Ores For Mining, Trees For Chopping, Mushrooms For Picking EX)

6 Paper-dolls(Item Overlays For Character So The Items Shows Up On Your Character When It Is Equipped)

Fog Overlay For Special Effects




I have created 5 Redeem coupons! First come first serve, redeem these for a free download of the entire asset collection!


8CAC-KHSD-3YEU-8VC7-6N2W - Used



J2N2-ZSS4-J3HE-6WV9-Q5EA - Used




Some screenshots:














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All the codes are used up, If you happen to have grabbed one and have a scirra username. Leave a comment, review or star rating for me and let me know what you think of the assets!


Maybe if you guys show enough interest ill create 5 more codes for this forum exclusively or give some away as prizes to a contest.

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