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Hey guys I recently started live streaming game development as well as other things and it would be great if you guys would be so kind to follow me. I've been streaming almost everyday so far and it's usually after I get off work around 1 am central time. On my days off it is a little earlier so if you're interested please check out my channel at https://www.twitch.tv/zetasis


Thanks for your time and especially thanks to those who decide to follow. 

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Haha, well I don't have a camera but I do have a mic. I only use the mic occasionally if people are watching so you might get to hear my voice. 


Like I said, I stream when I get off work at around 1 am central time. You live in the U.K. or there about so you're like 6 hours or so ahead of me so it would be like 7 am for you. 

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