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 Is anyone aware of any way to produce a system which allows for players to use an item, like a seed, on a patch tile to grow a cabbage within a certain time frame? I'm not looking for anything in depth as I am not even sure if it exists but i'm looking for a base hit to run with. Thank you for your time

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Hello, conditional branches in events are your best friend for that.
Page 1 :
An event with your grow tile graphic which verify if you got the seed object
If yes
Activate another page in your event with the "seed planted" tile
If no
Show message : "you don't have seeds to plant there."
Page 2 :
Wait X frames
Activate the next page in the event with the "half_grown_plant" tile
Page 3 :
Wait X frames
Until you got all the steps you need.
Activate another last page with the "grown_plant" tile
If player uses action button
Give X item (seed one)
Return to the first page (which allows player to plant another seed and restart the processus).

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