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  1. It is not open source at this point but may go that way in the future. I'm hesitant primarily because from personal experience when Mirage Online and Odyssey Online became open source, it immediately killed the player communities. That being said it spawned a game developer community (such as this one), but that does little in establishing a vibrant player community. Why play someone else's content when you can create your own? People take comfort in owning things and being in charge, so it's perfectly natural that players will eventually transition into creators. As that evolves the player communities dwindle leaving few amongst the vast array of options that are all pretty similar. I suspect if I were to open the source, Facebook, Steam, Google Play, and the App Store would become flooded with "simple 2D MMORPGs" with only surface level differences (graphics for example). The source is as easy to work with as Mirage Online was originally, so I'd fully expect this to happen again, but then again getting more people interested in game development has its own set of benefits. What do you think?
  2. I've been working on bringing back the classic ORPG Mirage Online using modern web technology. Mirage Classic as I'm currently calling it has been in development for almost three years (on and off) and implements all Mirage's original features, plus more! The game is developed entirely using HTML5 for the client and Node.js for the server. It runs butter smooth on modest PC hardware and is a progressive web app, so it also runs natively on just about any mobile device (Android/IOS). Mirage Classic currently uses tile and sprite pixel art from Odyssey Online Classic which Mirage Online was originally and heavily influenced by. As is tradition all the editors are built into the client as well (a few are shown below)! I haven't determined what I want to do with the game at this point, but I thought I'd show some screenshots of its progress. If you have any questions on its design I'd be happy to answer them. Enjoy! Login screen In game on desktop In game on mobile Map editor Map properties NPC editor Item editor Profession editor
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