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  1. Concept How can i do this?

    Thanks for answer, the problem is how to make de animation like the antorch make an ilumination because when i created a animation with light it turns on but the problem is that never turns off jajaja xD... thanks for help me
  2. Hi, my question is how can i do a usable item?... like an antorch when you use the antorch it turn on but with time it turn off and it will be useless, pls help is for my project and i think that i do everything to make this, thanks.
  3. Hi, cani use this engine for a game online?... is comercial idea.

    1. Damian666


      that's the idea yea

    2. dakox


      thanks men :3

  4. amm okay im looking for an engine that can support games on android or ios because actually everyone look for rpg games on movil, if u can recomend some please tell me i have to know, thanks

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    2. Crest


      When you "lmgtfy" but too lazy to get the lmgtfy link.

    3. dakox


      or on a future this engine will support android or ios???


    4. jcsnider
  5. im on a project and i want to know how to build my game on a movil like ios or android. thanks for answer i need to know if this engine can.