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  1. this is deathbeam project xD kevin change nly game_name and some graphic
  2. I fix authenticator change the data in mySQL.bas authentication.zip
  3. This engine is prospekt source old engine deathbeam
  4. Who have data files? <3 i fix all coding file Nowy folder skompresowany (zip).zip
  5. Please create tutorial, leave clean engine...
  6. Can u made mysql system? Thanx
  7. Seth fix this bug in eo ( nin online ) ;p
  8. NPC movement is not smooth
  9. why ;/, can u fix bug known eo that monsters jump to follow you goes is going is
  10. What is spirit and luck? can u made pathifnd a*? thanx
  11. adiif1


    i have 100% ;/
  12. adiif1


    I use 1366x768
  13. adiif1


    Hi all , how to change resolution in game? i have small problem i dont see total screen client Thanx
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