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Compilation of sources



Hello everyone,


I wanted to know if it's normal that when compiling the Intersect Engine via Visual Studio 2022 and attempting to transfer the executables to an external folder (for example, in the game folder on the desktop), none of them launch—whether it's the server, the client, or the editor.


While everything launches correctly via Visual Studio 2022 (which is logical), is there something new we need to configure compared to before, when it worked with a simple copy/paste of executables into the folder?


Currently, we can only work on the project through the source code (which is not ideal when multiple people are working on the game and some only need to use the editor, such as mappers).


@Gibier encountered and has the same "issue," so I'm not alone in this.


If you have a solution for this, I'm interested. Maybe I missed a configuration, or perhaps I didn't pay attention to something, but it's strange because it used to be simple to do lol.


I am using Beta 8.0.xxx sources (the latest available on GitHub), and I'm asking because I'm creating a custom version for my project.


Hoping that you can shed some light on this for me ^^



After trying to find a solution, I'm not sure if it's the right one, but I found that we could publish the project via "publish" in VS2022. However, we end up with quite a few generated .DLL files (for both the server, editor, and client). I'm attaching some screenshots so you can understand:







And when we download the complete Beta 8 (without the sources), there aren't as many DLLs and other files provided in the .zip, so I find that strange lol.


Thanks in advance :)

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Okay, I just tested it, well, it comes down to the same as my solution mentioned above. But is it normal to have all these generated files? Whereas with the .zip files available for download on the forum, there aren't all these files? (I wanted to confirm to be sure)


Thanks for the response :)

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