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So... Help with B5, to put online.

Weylon Santana


Let's Go.


1 - Screenshot of your server console.



UPnp its OK. But is not accessible to world.


2 - Link generated by typing "netdebug" into the server console (without quotes). [I like images]




3 - Operating System (Windows, Linux, or Mac)



4 -  Did you disable your firewall? Did you disable your antivirus? [I dont have antivirus] So...



5 - A brief description of your location. (Home/Apartment/School/Work/etc)

I'm on my HOME.


6 - Anything you can tell us about your network that might help. - I have login and pass to the router.

Did your internet provider give you all the equipment? - I Believe that YES.

What makes/models? - Wireless N 300Mbps WR840N Router / Model Number TL-WR840N

Do you have multiple routers or anything? I Believe that NO.

Do you own the networking equipment? - NO.


I Tried also...


Red - My Firewall [Even off.]

Black - My Router.


So... Help, Anyone?

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I contacted the internet provider. They explained the occasion. They are running out of ips, and for that they are using the CGNAT system [something like this], so I can host the intersect [or any other game] would I have to hire an ip myself with them. So only local connections are allowed, public ip is not functional, not only for games, but for several systems as well.

Here is the answer @jcsnider. What I have left then is to think of a vps or cloud service. Thanks for listening.

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Just now, jcsnider said:

Have you tried contacting your ISP? I'm sorta guessing they are blocking ports on their end.

I did not contact the provider. I will try tomorrow because now they are out of hours.

Do you believe that's just the problem? Am I whole right about the setup?

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1 hour ago, jcsnider said:

There could be equipment beyond the router that also need configuring, if you want to share a picture of your routers ip config/status pages that can't hurt.

I will be happy to share, at the moment I am no longer at home when I made the publication, I will be now only tomorrow morning.
When I call the provider and check if everything is going to be okay for the b5 online, I notice it here. If even calling the provider and nothing succeeds I share the configuration information of my router. For now, leave this question open ...

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