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New Animation System



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@Xiphoid The new animation system was created so if you have 1 base sprite, you can use different types of animations. It is an extension of the standard "_attack", "_cast", "_weapon"

Imagine you have a base image - player.png

If you wanted to add attack, cast and animation for when you have a weapon equipped, you would do

player_attack.png, player_cast.png, player_weapon.png


Now imagine that this same base image will have to use a different animation for each class (unarmed attack), you would do

player_attack_warrior.png, player_attack_monk.png, player_attack_mage.png


The same is for cast and weapon add another "_" and customize the name you want

player_cast_fire.png, player_cast_water.png, player_cast_wind.png

player_weapon_sword.png, player_weapon_axe.png, player_weapon_bow.png


It was a system designed also for classes that use two different weapons, such as an archer that would have an animation for a bow and a crossbow.

Speaking of weapons that shoot projectiles, if the item/spell has a custom animation, the _shoot will not work, as the custom animation will be priority


this extension only works for "_attack", "_cast", "_weapon"

add another "_" and type the name you want


always follow this pattern


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