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How to make an NPC a permanent partner?



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you are welcome to use a new engine, or ya know, learn to code, or hire someone to do it...


we dont want to flood the basis of the engine with stuff not everyone needs, thats why it does not know the "simplest things"


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16 hours ago, Weylon Santana said:

программирование в исходном коде

Thanks for the answer.


Whatever question I ask, everyone talks about editing the source. It seems that the engine does not know how to do the simplest things at all.



Yes, I can go to hell. If I don't like it.

Why are you guys so toxic?

I didn't insult anyone, I just complained and said that there were no functions in the engine. Why peck me. I sincerely thanked the person for the response and closed the topic. I also noted that I understand that it is not my business to have the necessary functions in the engine or not.

Therefore, I am full of not understanding why they hate me.

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