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How to publish a game for MacOS



Hello guys, Intersect Engine is cross-platform, but does anybody know how to export a game for macOS or Linux? I tried to share the client with all the files generated when building it for a release. I also tried different methods based on the MonoGame documentation article below without success.

Package games for distribution | MonoGame Documentation


Any help would be appreciated :)

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Include all of these files in the same folder as your client's exe.




Then rename the Intersect Client.bin.osx and Intersect Client.bin.x86_64 files to match your client exe name.


So for example in Ambardia I have


Ambardia.exe  (Windows)

Ambardia.bin.osx (Mac)

Ambardia.bin.x86_64 (Linux)


On windows I launch the .exe normally. On Mac I run the osx file. On Linux I run the .x86_64 file.


All the other files are a slimmed down version of mono, so by distributing these alongside your client your players do not need mono installed and it should 'just work'.

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