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  1. Looking for Work

    More work added to my portfolio, I'm open to commissions~
  2. Looking for Work

    Made a website concept. You can check it out on my behance or by clicking the image below:
  3. Looking for Work

  4. Looking for Work

    Site is back up(if anyone was asking why it wasn't working the last few days)
  5. Looking for Work

    Don't worry, it will be up by tonight. My host is changing some stuff
  6. Looking for Work

    Sure, just make sure to get the full deviantart file.
  7. Looking for Work

    Wallpaper freebie at
  8. Looking for Work

    From time to time I try to develop some drawing skills, of course because of my impatience all I can muster are sketches.
  9. Looking for Work

    Maybe I can help with that too, free of charge. Message me on Skype, or using my e-mail contact form.
  10. Looking for Work

    Pretty rare posting, I know. Not many clients these days, sadly. Here are my last three works, and as usual, more details about each at :
  11. Looking for Work

    I'm going to UK for college starting next year. If you've seen my portfolio, I also deal with GUIs and have one website design, so I do try to expand my skill repertoire.