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May I present to you: Starhaven. The goal with our game is to create an open-world sandbox mmo, while taking ideas from classic single player titles. Ascent will have mini-games, an elaborate main story, timed events, battle arenas and more. All while retaining the core aspects of an online rpg, such as PvP, quests and guilds. We hope the result will be a fun and unique experience for the hardcore and easy-going gamer alike. 

Game Info to be updated soon..

Magework Studios is: Murdoc (Graphics Design/Development), Kibbelz (Programming), Melissa (Writing/Development), Lukas (Writing), Samuel (Development).

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I'm happy to say the project is still going. The mechanics and features have been worked out to where we have a good vision for the game. Along those lines, we've also created a world map to help guide development along. The two major continents, which are at steady war in the game, are Devun and Olemar. After leaving the Isle of Dreams at level 10 you are given the choice of which one you'd like to be a mercenary for. PvP will be possible in almost every location except for major cities and dungeons.


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It will be sometime before it is finished, and we have no set date at this point. Having said that, map development is always in progress and I will update with some screenshots soon.

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Report: The project hasn't died. Kibbelz and I are still chipping away at this one as progress on Intersect continues. A revamp of graphics is currently in the works, and I hope to have some updates to show soon. Stay tuned.

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To update people on the game. The graphics for this title have been completely revamped. Characters are still in work along with many boss and enemy sprites. We are also working out the core mechanics for the engine, and coding where necessary. Mapping has not started yet, as we are taking our time to flesh out the visuals, mechanics, and storyline first. However, we are super pumped about where it is going. As the storyline progresses (with the help of our dedicated writers), we saw the need for a new map which we hope to showcase soon.

Here is an example of the new graphics style:


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