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Seeking Advice: Creating Your Own Game on the Intersect Engine




For the past year and a half, I've been considering creating my own game based on the Intersect engine. I see that the project is still evolving, although it likely lacks funding. But getting back to the point.

For the past month, I've been working on laying the foundations of the entire project and gradually gaining experience in creating on this engine, as well as in MMORPG game design in general. Now, I have a very important question for you, the community.

Do you have any valuable advice or tips regarding designing your own game? Perhaps you could recommend some literature? Or maybe you've encountered some difficulties and found outstanding ways to overcome them?

I'd like to mention right away that my project would fit within a budget of around $1,500, so it's more of a small project for entertainment purposes.



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The first thing I would tell you is to know what you want as a game project before talking about budget else you'll probably throw money for nothing. Tileset and other asset should reflect the game's theme.


If you don't really know the engine I'll also recommend you to make a tiny useless project to learn it and it's logic. The more you'll be using the engine you'll get better and let me tell you that after working fir few years on a game you'll probably cry while trying to fix something you made at the beginning cause it's so badly made.


Personally I'm doing everything on a test project so my real project is the cleaner possible.

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