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Hello everyone,

I am delighted to share my new web platform with you, designed to allow you to manage your Intersect game server directly from your browser!

Please note that this is not a tool for creating quests, items, or maps. Instead, it is a server management tool that operates using the Intersect server's API. Over time, I have optimized all the API calls I could to provide a pleasant and fast user experience.

I have combined all the latest knowledge and optimization advancements into this project!

But what can you do with it, in practical terms?

Information : It's not a server hosting but an plateform linked to your game server api for people who don't know how to use api and more.

Languages supported is : French and English more can comes soon.


Similar to Intersect Tool, you will be able to:

- Manage user accounts (ban, unban, mute, unmute) and access the necessary details for game management.
- Manage player characters (view details, inventory, character bank, and the ability to send/retrieve a certain number of items from their inventory). You can also manage character variables.
- Manage player guilds (details and member lists, for now).
- Manage  server variables.
- View items, NPCs, etc., in your game (without the ability to make modifications; this is a work in progress).


All of these features will be available at its launch in a few hours/days. However, there is more to know.


I will offer team-based server management, and for this, I have two offers: a free one, which includes one server and one additional team member besides yourself, and a paid annual subscription for one server and four additional team members.


A "more" option will be available on a case-by-case basis (via Discord and PM) starting at €2/month to add one server or one team member to your account.


Subscription offers are provided via payment links with the secure "Stripe" platform, ensuring that no data is transmitted to the platform. Furthermore, if you already have an "Easy Team" subscription, it applies to all your servers, allowing you to combine the "Easy Team" and "More" offers as needed.


The surprise with Intersect Management is the arrival of the WordPress extension. This extension will enable you to synchronize your game users with a web-based WordPress account, perfect for a cash shop. Yes, the extension will allow you to use the WordPress plugin "WooCommerce" to create your shop, where you can sell anything you want as long as you configure your products correctly.


The extension is currently undergoing testing and will be available later.


All the news related to Management and Tools and future Intersect-related tools will be available at:


As for Intersect Management itself, you can access it at this address (under maintenance):


It's important to note that, while the features are currently the same for both the free and paid offers, with the arrival of future tools and especially the WordPress extension, certain functionalities in these tools will be restricted to users of the paid offer.


I hope to see many of you using this new tool. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here, in private, or on the Discord server (which you can find in my signature or on the Intersect Connect website).


Stay tuned for more information and updates! Enjoy your game !

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On 10/4/2023 at 7:50 PM, PobremaTK said:

Hello friend, I saw that you created some plugins and I'm interested, I need a plugin that even if the player is offline it continues counting the time for daily missions and VIP plans among others



Without custom code it's difficult to do this :/

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9 hours ago, Lunam said:

How do you set it up exactly? Sorry I dont really understand API's or how it all works with Intersect.


You just need enable api from your server (for all versions) setup api access for one account (for all version) got an ssl certificate (for recent version) and you are ready

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Hi everyone !

I have push and update from the service, somes bugs was fixed now, and full support from Intersect Hosting right now. If you encounter somes issues you can PM me for get help.

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