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Open Beta Naruto Origins Online 2D


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Naruto Origins is an open world 2D MMORPG. Here you can face terrible monsters alongside other players who, like you, are looking for new challenges. You can also face the PvP mode and compete for the title of best warrior on the server. The game is currently in the online beta phase. Altogether there are already several maps in several different environments, more than 700 items, caves with puzzles and bosses. Within the game there are several different characters. Welcome to the world of Naruto Origins Every corner of Naruto Origins is filled with enemies, secrets and challenging puzzles. Not to mention the bosses that guard the Triforce's parts, capable of defeating it in a few effortless hits. The only solution to survive here is to find the weakness in your attacks and come up with a tactic to take advantage of it. Start of journey As in the main games of the series, here you start unarmed and without any equipment in your favor, but as you complete the missions you will acquire important artifacts for your future. Almost always what you pick up allows you to access new areas of the game and makes an interesting seam in the hero's saga. When you are faced with fatality you will realize that your game does not end, on the contrary, your character turns into something similar to a ghost. In this condition its qualities decrease, but the game continues without major problems.



Download: https://sonartgames.wixsite.com/narutoorigins

Portal Games: https://www.sonartgames.com


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