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Open Alpha Flintforge Deep [Intersect] [OPEN ALPHA!]


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"Without much else to do besides explore, what next?"


FlintForge Deep is a planned ORPG focusing solely on roleplay, set within a large fictional Dwarven city filled with details, secrets and unique place settings perfect for any sort of RP session. It's inspired by old-school Roleplay from MMO's like World of Warcraft and Everquest, but with it's own setting, stories, and lore to learn and uncover as you play with friends. Development has been going on for a few weeks using the Intersect Engine!


Download the client here! (ZIP File 128MB)


For one reason or another you’ve found yourself at the gates of FlintForge Deep - One of the larger Dwarven settlements in the northern mountains. As you make your way inside you’ve learned that due to a huge incoming storm the gates will have to be closed for some time, not allowing visitors or residents to leave the city until passed. Now stuck, you find yourself in a sprawling city, full of interesting people and things to explore. What next?




Features - 

  • Multiple Races: Humans, Orcs, Dwarves and Elves with different skin options.
  • Explore - Visit a Dwarven underground city with houses, guild hall, shops, shady places and so much more being added with every major update.
  • RP-friendly equipment system - Start off with a blank slate and customize your character in any way you want! Paperdoll system in place for hair, facial hair, cosmetics, armor and more. Use character tags to add pronouns.
  • OOC Zone - Meet with friends out of character for getting cosmetic items and chatting!
  • Crafting and Gathering - Collect resources within the city to purchase unique cosmetic items, or craft potions with effects that can enhance your RP!
  • (Planned) Discord server for growing a community + adding additional spritesheets for clothing/hair/etc 


Current Staff


Just me! Might be changing in the future, will be needing to find composers for music near the end of development. Outside of the character sprite artwork, all of the pixel art and assets have been created by me! 

















Recent Updates (Patch Notes)



Flintforge Deep Client 0.1d has now been released and available through your client updater!

Changes made: -

-Quests! There is now a minor questline in place for new players (WIP) along with sidequests to explain new the crafting and gathering systems. -

-Crafting! Introducing Alchemy and Scrapping! Speak with questgivers in the Arboretum and Central District to learn more - New items will be added over time for cosmetic potions/equipment. If you have suggestions please let us know in Discord!

-Music! Still a WIP, but the first few tracks of original game music are here! More will be introduced in future patches.

- New Items! - With the new crafting system we are introducing a small set of items to save up for - This includes a travelers backpack, engineering goggles and reading glasses. We also have new potions available as well, but we might be adjusting the recipes for these later.


Map Changes -

Arboretum Map updated, with added resource nodes for Alchemy - Most exterior maps updated with lootable crates for scrapping - Level 2 map accessible (Somewhat)



Flintforge Deep Client 0.1c has now been released and available through your client updater!

Changes made:

- Confirmed process for client updater system, should be deployed automatically once game is launched (Please tell me if you see errors!)

- Added placeholder music to zones/building maps. This will be changed in the future!

-Updated splash logo to reflect client version Map Changes: - Restaurant map added, along with new spritework for kitchen props and tables.

-Large House added -Central District market changed/Improved - Minor map adjustments/cleanup/collision improvements for NPC's


Why should you play?


This game is super niche! I don't plan to have any combat elements, enemies, stats, or anything else. There are a ton of other amazing projects out there that do all of these things wonderfully, but I'm wanting to keep it simple. This project's scope is intentionally kept small to not let myself get burnt out, and focusing on elements that where really important to me  - Text-based RP in a richly detailed fantasy world. If you like sitting in a tavern, being a shady mugger in an alley or an old wizard in a tower threatening to lob spells at people, this is for you! 



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After an eventful weekend I'm happy to announce that I'm bringing the project into a limited Alpha release! I have a Discord channel set up with some basic things in place, but if any RP'ers would be interested in helping build a community/test things out send me a message on Discord! WobTBW#3744





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