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Closed Alpha The Walking 2D


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English Version


The Walking 2D is to relive the apocalyptic story of "The Walking Dead" and  living the experience of survival against zombies who have taken control of the city.

But it does not stop there, the game will offer you a side story thanks to the different quests that will be available depending on your playing experience, you will also have to face clans that have only one goal, to survive like you

Zombies and clans won't be the only dangerous ones in the world of The Walking 2D, terrifying creatures guard specific areas with treasures in store. Your friends can also become your worst enemies with the integrated PvP system, will you manage to get these hidden treasures with your friends without being betrayed?

The Walking 2D is a 2D-style mmorpg as its title suggests, you can chat in a chat, invite your friends in a group.

Defeat these zombies and create your team to make you the master of survival !

French Version



The Walking 2D, c'est revivre l'histoire apocalyptique de "The¬†walking¬†Dead" et¬† vivre l'exp√©rience de la survie face √† des zombies qui ont pris le contr√īle de la ville.

Mais cela ne s'arr√™te pas l√†, le jeu va vous proposer une histoire annexe gr√Ęce aux diff√©rentes qu√™tes qui seront disponibles en fonction de votre exp√©rience de jeu, vous aurez √©galement √† affronter des clans qui n'ont qu'un seul but, survivre comme vous

Les zombies et les clans ne seront pas les seuls danger dans le monde de The Walking 2D, de terrifiantes créatures garde des zones spécifiques avec des trésors à la clés. Vos amies pourront également devenir vos pires ennemies avec le système de PvP intégré, parviendrez vous à obtenir ces trésors cachés avec vos amies sans vous faire trahir ?

The Walking 2D est un mmorpg façon 2D comme son titre l'indique, vous pourrez discuter dans un chat, invité en groupe vos amies.

Venez a¬†bout¬†de ces zombies et cr√©e votre √©quipe pour faire de vous le¬†ma√ģtre¬†de la survie !



The game is available in closed alpha through game key, it's key is given only through our discord and after opening a ticket to request the key.

The game is only available in French

Screenshot :






Other in GameJolt Page



Links :

Website : https://www.thewalking2d.fr/
Discord : https://discord.gg/Y7EQ9RZKbu
GameJolt Page : https://gamejolt.com/games/thewalking2d/607688

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1 hour ago, Damian666 said:

approved, but dude... why only french? O.o

Because it has been developed for basic French players but we will see to make some things easier (translate the dialogs and news from website  into English and French)

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2 minutes ago, WereAlpaca said:

I love The Walking Dead. Stoked for new season. Cool to see this project! I wish I had some friends who were bilingual to translate it for you.

Thanks for your proposal I have already started translating various in-game dialogues. feel free to join the discord server and request your key!

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