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Intersect Hosting, Lost all of my Project



So i didn't lose much as it was just a project i was using to figure out the basic of intersect. But i thought it was time to do what i started using intersect for and that is playing with some friends in a D&D type things so i got the intersect hosting thing. I booted it up all was well until it wasn't lol. Now i assume its just a matter or uploading the old files server files to the new one but i do not know how to do this or if this is possible. If all is lost then it is what it is i didnt lose much lol 

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I think you just signed up in the last day or two?


Here is information on how to upload the game data from your server on your PC to the hosted service:




I do make nightly backups of everything so if something is accidently deleted on the host I can totally restore stuff. 

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