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Hey guys! I just created a new YouTube channel and am in the process of making some game development tutorial YouTube videos. These videos will vary from graphics, sounds recording, and music to tutorials on how to use Intersect Engine. I figured I would make one topic to post them all instead of making a topic every time I post a new video/tutorial.



Video 1 : How to cast shadows from objects in your game world:






Spin the wheel event tutorial:  


Feel free to post feedback, comments and suggestions. We can use this topic as a way of keeping track of witch videos you guys really want me to make as well. Feel free to subscribe :)

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I'm going to start making more of these videos. I created a new channel called neeknog which is where any of my content will be posted including intersect tutorials. I wanted a more generalized brand/concept for the channel because I will be posting a wider array of content than just tutorials. If you enjoy the videos I make please subscribe to the new channel. Thanks.


With that being said, any suggestions of non coding intersect tutorials?

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