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Need Help [Paid] Ninja Story needs UI


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Hi everyone, Im have decided that Ill start working on my own project.

I dont have much to show yet since I have started working on it few days ago, it will be based on Naruto world where you will create a character and you will be able to choose what type of ninja you are looking to be.


So far its only me and a friend of mine who will help me creating the map and some item icons.


I would like to pay someone to create login screen, character creation and in game ui for the project.


Obviously it would be nice if someone would do it for free but I understand that now in days time is very valuable and im happy to pay for a satisfactory job


I can provide more details on private.



Finally it starting to look a bit more like naruto:




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12 minutes ago, Xiphoid said:

hi i can create pixel UI for 50$ if you interesting pm 


Sample (My game's UII)



So good!! Is there a way to shrink it? Chatbox and Hud hpmp obscures game

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