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Game/Developer Licensing


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So, I'm currently working on a game in Intersect. I've found the license for the engine, and have included it in a splash screen for testing and such. I'm curious as to whether or not I need the Intersect License(I'm kinda assuming not as I want to sell the game on steam and an MIT License probably isnt what I want) to be displayed like this:



Or should I have my own license for the game, and as I know nothing about proper licensing, what License should I use? I've created a custom Dev Logo for my (as of now, Solo) Dev company:




So, should I be including the Intersect MIT License into the game or not? Should I get a License for my Dev company, and if so, what kind?


EDIT: ANYONE is free to use the Intersect Copyright image I've posted above, the same DOES NOT go for my Lunam Games logo lmao

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4 hours ago, Arufonsu said:

Thanks for asking this, i have the very same doubts myself (solo dev here as well), hopefully someone can answer this with a very detailed explanation.

I asked the same question on r/gamedev and got a decent answer:


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