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Hey everyone !


I started to dev a webtool, which (I think) could interest some creators.

It's a simple spritesheet convertor 3 columns to 4 columns. 

How to use : Upload your 3 columns spritesheet, and that's it !




Actually, it's only a proof of concept, but it will evolve later.


PM me if you're facing an issue. 

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3 minutes ago, Beast Boyz said:

Very interresting and could save some time for some of us i think !


Will you add size supporting ? Actually it doesn't seems to work with "bigger" sprite.



Hmm, can you send me a bigger spritesheet than 92x128 please, I haven't got one in my computer?  


I thought I'd already integrated it, I'll look at where the problem may come from

Edit : I'll update it later, wrong canvas exported xd

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New update ! 


Changelogs :

- Handle bigger size than 32x32 spritesheet now !

- Height and width problem fixed (it was 300x150 by default, my bad) 

- Wrong starting x (1 px less and it was good)



9 hours ago, Beast Boyz said:


07f40fecd0395a7ba1f2dccd4cae3265.png 8)

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:753_triangular_flag_on_post:EntitiesConvertor 1.03 is up !:753_triangular_flag_on_post:


Changelog : 

- Minors bugfix

- Translation in English !

I'm thinking about a visual rework, here's what I have in mind, what do you think about it ?








Next steps : 

- Dynamic spritesheet creator (drag&drop your 32x32 frame into a grid defined by user) proof of concept

- Website rework 

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