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Nuget cant restore Monogame packages



Hi there,


just wanted to compile Intersect for the first time. I followed the instructions, but NuGet wont load the Monogame package for me.



When i go to manage NuGet packages for solution i seemingly only see older versions?




I tried setting Package source to "all" (which showed the newer Monogame versions in the drop down) and then the "restore" in the box on top, but that didnt seem to work as well.




Further investigation shows the file it tries to download is


which has probably somehow gone missing?

There is also nothing here http://teamcity.monogame.net/viewLog.html?buildId=96508&buildTypeId=MonoGame_DevelopWin&tab=artifacts

while the newer version shows the files http://teamcity.monogame.net/viewLog.html?buildId=97601&buildTypeId=MonoGame_DevelopWin&tab=artifacts


I tried removing the packet from the solution and instead added the version, but it seems like the old version is still referenced somewhere?




Edit again:

I manually changed 1217 to 1336 in the Intersect.Client.csproj and at least now it compiles... but fails right after launching the client :(

Exception thrown: 'System.ObjectDisposedException' in mscorlib.dll

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1 hour ago, Lathander said:

I had some weird stuff going on with NuGet packages and github at the beginning and ended up having to restart my computer for it to work. Not sure if it has any association with this issue, but hey -shrug-


Thanks, i tried that, but it didn't help.

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2 hours ago, jcsnider said:

Got a solution in the pipeline:



Looks like MG prunes their dev builds so we uploaded a copy of the missing version to our own Nuget. Not the best solution but only temporary until 3.8.X is deemed stable.


How can i get this solution ? Still had a trouble when i try to generate solution :/

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