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  1. 1. Hide the donation block when the goal is met each month?

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Threw up a new donation block on the homepage (if you have the sidebar shown)! Donations help keep the lights on and allow us to expand. Hopefully it isn't too intrusive? We can tweak a bit over the next few days.  I am throwing up a poll though. After each months goal is met, (mainly looking at contributors) would you prefer to leave the donation window up and show your names off to the world or hide it until the following month? It doesn't matter to me either way.

As always, thanks to everyone who contributes to keeping this site online!




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I like it, its out of the way too, doesn't look pushy or too much "in your face". I suppose it doesn't cover the cost for the ECLIPSE TAKEOVER!!!! XD I also voted no, donations can be essential to building a website, and the developers should be rewarded from time to time for the time and effort they put in, just my opinion. I'll be donating soon ^^

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