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Concept Show Off - Lift System (video)

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Tutorial for system: 



Not posted or worked on my game in a while due to starting my new job, but now I'm settled in I have jumped back on development. Today I have been messing around with a few new concepts which I have got working such as "Hunger / Thirst System" and a "Lift System" for my game, which I will disclose more late on, for now I just want to show off my "Lift System" I made:




If people are interested in how I done this I can make a video / tutorial :)


Let me know what you guys think. Ignore the mapping, just placeholders for now until I add more detail... :P

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Tutorial Created and Linked!
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6 hours ago, Giligis said:

Really like that, that's a cool way of using the event system. Good job never seen that before 


Thanks! Yeah took a lot of trial and error but got there in the end :)


Event system is very powerful! Cant wait for next update to come out that adds more to it.


10 hours ago, A l m a said:

That's really cool! :o
Yeah! make a tutorial ♥


If I get time over the weekend I will create a tutorial on this, probs be just a video of event system with some explanation :)


I will most likely be making a tutorial series based on events I did in my last game which I think people will find useful.

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