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Game PokeSys (pokemon game)


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hello ppl i made this pokemon game. its project i working on when im bored...

i dont know if ill ever release this as a online game, just want to show you :)

Engine : SkyWyre Primityve 8  (VB6)

features: Battle system-NPC and gym battles, aquiring badges and item after you win battle

              wild battles, fishing, player cards, PC Storage, pokedex like original game, shops, pokemon items,

              pokemon evolving, pokemons nicknames,move learning TM's Too,  Custom stats system TP (i have no idea how EV IV work :D :D :D  Im too lazy to read about it hehehe :)

missing: trades, party...  maybe more i dont know :D


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Looks badass man, If you do decide to go further with this I hope you convert it to Intersect <3 Did you program this all yourself? Years ago I got a battle system going myslef but only as far as catching pokemon, running and using moves before I got fed up since its a lot of work! I hope you're going to allow people to test this soon, if so sign me up! :D

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