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Open Beta Xenimus!


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 So the game is called Xenimus. It's developed by ONE guy at the moment and the game has been running for like 19 years or something. The game is not attractive in terms of looks, BUT if you make it past that, you can kinda see there could be potential in this game. This is the website http://xenimus.com/. You can download and log on. Select a server(currently recommend the PvP one becaues its the new one), create an account and test it all out! If you need help. Just tell me.


You can also check the forums at http://messageboard.xenimus.com/index.php


It also has a discord. https://discord.gg/NSp5atE


You can ask me any questions here or there.

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Looks interesting, reminds me of morrowind a tad. It's impressive that it's all made by one guy and it seems to be similar to runescape based on the description. Not something that really personally interest me but extremely interesting.

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Well its very hard to explain the game. The game just requires help honestly and like an honest review from people who have not played the game. 


The reason I didn't explain anything about it, is because I'd like you to enter the game with a very fresh mind. Nothing at all to give you "expectations". If you play it for like 1-3 days. I'd like you to post about it on forums and give an honest review. I'm an admin on that game and I speak with the owner often. I just want him to see that the game CAN have potential if he just set stuff right and made a team..



Please give it a try. Sounds horrible for me to sound like that. But he has potential, 

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