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Need Help Salem2D Developers Wanted


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Salem2D Game Development Kit


Project Name: Salem2D Game Development Kit

Project Language: C++

Supported Platforms: Linux, Mac OsX, Windows

GitLab URL: https://gitlab.com/salemgd/salem2d

Discord Community URL: https://discord.gg/szADqTM


About Salem2D Game Development Kit:

Salem2D is basically the shell of an engine. It is a Game Development library which includes tools for simplifying game development, and decreasing the time it takes to develop an indie game. The reason we (The Salem Game Development Team) chose to do a library is to add flexibility to the types of projects which can be created using the GDK. In other words, the kit is not limited to developing Sidescroll, Top Down, Isometric, Tile-based, etc.  games. It is not limited to single or multiplayer games. After we're done with base implementation, we will be using the library to develop tools to template out different kinda of games. So if a user wanted to make a sidescroll mmorpg, they would just simply copy a project which templates a sidescroll mmorpg and work from there, or they can make one from the ground up using just the Salem2D library. The design patterns somewhat resemble some of Unity3D as a lot of my development ideas are modeled after real Triple A game engines. To add on to its flexibility, because Salem2D is a library which can be built on windows, creating a wrapper for other languages (say C# for example) is also a possibility. So, just because the library is written in C++ does not mean that the implementation of the library is limited to it as well.


Currently Completely:

GameLoop Pattens,

Sprite drawing and animation

Map Rendering

Basic Network Implementation (still needs some security stuff finished)

Network Event System

Game Object and Behavior System

Game Scene Systems


Currently In Development:

Game World with infinite map scrolling

Server & Single Player Based Physics systems

Networked Game Objects (Spawn on server, displays on client)




UI System (Buttons, Textboxes, etc.)

Server Caching System

NoSQL Database Implementations

World Editing Tool

Map Editor (Low Priority, we're currently using Tiled)

Current Staff:


Depre (Kibblez)



@Mighty Professional



Roles Needed:

SalemGdk is open-source community driven development. Anyone can create a branch, pull a ticket, and develop a feature from our gitlab repository. It is volunteer work only, as the project is open source and free for all to use.


Why Help?

The purpose behind building SalemGDK is to give a flexible solution to creating more diverse games around the community and to bring in more senior developers. Most of the developers we have around the community are pretty novice, and our veterans don't really work on their own individual games enough. The idea of bringing in more veteran developers will be to give the novice developers more learning resources, and to help the community blossom. Our communities have always been about senior devs helping the novice devs, and it would be good to see more of that happening around here again! I think SalemGDK is an excellent solution for this!


If Interested:

If you want to help out, message me on the Salem Game Development Community Discord Server: https://discord.gg/szADqTM

Ascension Game Development is the home forums of my community, so we do not actually use a forum board. Our entire community exists on discord.



As SalemGDK is a library, there's not really much to show such as "maps" and "sprites" and what not, because it's just simple a bunch of code for others to be able to use, so the most I have to show is the map rendering and sprite drawing i've gotten working and the some networking example i wrote using the Salem2D Networking Interface:





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