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Need Help Looking for a logo and a header image

Beefy Kasplant

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Hi guys! 


I am making a DBZ inspired game with Breeze graphics.


I want a logo:


Needs to include:


One or more Dragon ball or Shenron, the dragon. 

One or more of the characters in my game

Text: DragonBreeZee


I am looking for lots of light blue, orange, happy cute chibi stuff! 





Need to include the logo and just more of the same light blue, orange, happy cute chibi stuff. Maybe some extra characters or some clouds or something. As long as it makes you happy when you look at it!


Who can help me out?

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8 minutes ago, ShiEksdee said:

I could probably. I'm practicing drawing chibi styles so this is a good excuse to keep practicing. XD Is it alright if it takes me a bit? I finish moving into my new apartment today FINALLY.



If you can help me out Id be very happy! What did you have in mind though? 


Congrats on moving ! 

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Uh it was a sort of life threatening emergency move and was stressful actually XD but enough about that.


I was going to draw up a bunch of chibi characters from DB/Z/any OC's your game may have. Make up the Logo text (probably first), and create all the normal Dragonballs. I probably won't do Shenron cause that may be out of my skill level right now, but I could try when I get confident. But have it where you can mix/match and change out the chibis with text/Dragonballs every now and then (maybe to correspond with any events or updates you may have going on). For the header textures, I'll probably do a couple, from dragonball textures to nimbus clouds and more.


That way you can keep Logo and header fresh during the game's lifespan?

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Sounds cool! 


I had more a pixel-ly thing in mind, but if what you do will fit with the ingame graphics I would be happy to see an example! I also like that idea of being able to mix and match for different events! Would be really cool for updates! 


Thanks for the offer to help! Looking forward to it! 


Hope you are doing well! 



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4 minutes ago, ShiEksdee said:

I guess I had more creativy thing in mind than taking chibis from the game and making them stand there in a group. XD But that one is cute!



Hahah! I had a simple thing in mind before you offered to help! 


Definitely looking forward to what you were planning still! :D

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