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Sound Format requirements



Hey everybody. Quick question here, I have a bunch of ogg formatted sounds placed in my client/resources/sounds/ folder but they don't appear when I click "play sound" in the event editor. Is there a sound format requirement or something I missed? Any ideas as to what might cause this?

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The engine is also very picky about the format of the .wav.... soo many samples or something and it will fail. If some sounds dont work run them through a converter from .wav to a slightly lesser or higher quality.wav.


The sound playback is part of our graphic engine... it's kinda weak but we like MonoGame too much for everything else so we're not jumping ship or anything.


Edit: I found the official requirements for .wav files:


Must be a valid wave file in the RIFF bitstream format.

The formats supported are:

  • 8-bit unsigned PCM
  • 16-bit signed PCM
  • 24-bit signed PCM
  • 32-bit IEEE float PCM
  • MS-ADPCM 4-bit compressed
  • IMA/ADPCM (IMA4) 4-bit compressed
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