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[Script] Intersect Data Export


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Hello guys,


The script executes queries in sqlite database and exports the results in '.json' file format for use in website application like bootstrap source and any other ways.


With this script you can export custom data and create systems, like ranking, user list, banned characters list and others functions.


An easy way to integrate systems without having to write many lines of code to export this data and use in some way.


You can use cron to run this script or even the windows task scheduler.


I hope it helps someone.










Python Version: 3.6.4


To run this script just install the libs and change the path of the database file.


Script attached , feel free to use and modify.







C# Version







Download C# project on link: https://mega.nz/#!X4MHQbBb!iU1FJ9ItdvE0D33q0vbjk49dmHQ-medZ9r44tVhKq_U


@Khaikaa its that my friend, now I make peace with you kk.


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1 hour ago, gallighanmaker said:

@Khaikaa kkkkk python is very good, you should try it. I am creating in C# to make peace with you :D




C# Version: https://mega.nz/#!X4MHQbBb!iU1FJ9ItdvE0D33q0vbjk49dmHQ-medZ9r44tVhKq_U


Screens on topic.


Lol I was joking, no problem with python at all, but thank you for the work :3_grin:

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