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  1. looks fantastic! ..so much so that the standard UI doesn't fit that well anymore, I'd suggest making their borders a little pixellated too good job!
  2. The client is incredibly slow in game when you run it on a different wifi network to the wifi used for the game server. When you open the client on the same wifi network as the server, the black loading screen takes about half a second to load the map and everything runs at lightning speed, however on a different wifi network the black loading screen takes about 10 seconds, then, after that, the game is very slow, it glitches you back a lot, events take ages to run their commands (5-10 seconds inbetween commands), and the chat is also very slow. In the debug settings (F2) the ping is about 60-80ms on the client, suggesting it can connect fine to the game server. I have tried increasing the flood settings in config by 3x for each value and nothing changes. All PC's tested (client and server) have used .NET Framework 4.6.1+. A total of three computers for the client have been tested, all in different locations, and two computers for the server. Using a modified version of Intersect Example of issue: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/d008a66ae38c52f203e9b899d482cdf9.mp4 Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  3. Use event parameters to check the player's X and Y coordinates, and when one changes, play a footstep noise.
  4. Hotbar Spells Description: This patch adds a new command to the event editor to place a spell in the hotbar and a command to remove spells from the hotbar. Add - It will place it in the first free spot, if there is one. Remove - Removes all instances of the spell from the hotbar. Features: -Put spells in hotbar via events -Remove spells in hotbar via events Note: This does not allow you to place or remove items in the hotbar, only spells. Media: Download Patch - Add spells to hotbar Download Patch Update - Remove spells from hotbar Based on Note: I cannot guarantee that these patches is not fairly messy/inefficient in terms of code
  5. Alternatively, you can use event parameters to check the player's X and Y coordinates.
  6. Hi, is there a way to allow images (from show picture command) to be clickthrough? Currently they soak up mouse clicks which is unhelpful for semi-transparent images
  7. Update 2 Changes: -Fixed important glitch where chain spells wouldn't take effect until finished Note: You will need to download the patches in order Download the update here!
  8. Update Changes: -You can now find the lists in the server resources/config.json rather than in the patch itself. (thanks @Joyce for suggestion) -You don't need to know the chained spell for it to function - it now quick casts like an item -NPC's can chain spells Note: You will need to download the patches in order Download the update here!
  9. Interesting, I'll try it Also, it doesn't work if you don't already have the spell so I will work on an update for that
  10. Chain Spells Description: This patch allows you to "chain" spells onto other spells to generate unique combos and spells that have multiple functions. Example: You want a spell to both create an AOE and to fire a projectile forwards. With this system, you are able to set a spell to chain another spell after it has been used. You are able to customise how much time in milliseconds to wait inbetween the chain. Features: Chain spells onto other spells Have a customisable wait time inbetween chain reactions NPC's can chain spells allowing for unique attacks How to use: Download Patch Download Update - important update Download Fix - important bug fix Based on Note: This is my first patch so it's quite basic. Please tell me if anything is broken.
  11. Updated the original post since the core game design - lore, graphics, story, map and other things - has changed heavily since I made it
  12. Would there be a way to make certain text in the Show Text command and Show Options command coloured and/or emphasis (bold, italics..)? For instance: This is a very bold piece of text Some nice red text as well
  13. Hi all Is there a way to get basically a \param but for if a user chats, not just if they enter a command? For example: Chatting "hi" sets a variable to "hi" OR runs a common event which has "hi" as a \param I have attempted to make it so you can only chat with "/chat [xyz]", removed the chat messages in server strings and make the event say what you said (this way you can use command params to get this), but the speech bubble above your head still displays If possible, is there a way to do something like this without using source modifications? If this is not possible, can someone give me some pointers on where I should start with editing source code? Thanks The Bunny Gamer
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