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  1. I am assuming that /1 switches to party chat, /2 to global chat and /3 to local chat. However /local is broken so /3 should be too.
  2. However, you CAN create multiple common events such as /command 1 /command 2 /command 3 And set these as variables.
  3. If someone sends you an email to your account that you use for forgot password in B6, then you might not see it. This tutorial will teach you how to send a reply, and also how to forward the email to your normal account. Auto send a reply 1) Go onto gmail. 2) Click "settings" on a PC. 3) Scroll down until you get to the "Out of Office Auto Reply" section. 4) Turn it on. 5) Change the message to something like "Your feedback will be processed shortly"! Auto forward to main account 1) Go onto gmail. 2) Click "settings" on a PC. 3) Press "Filters and blocked addresses". 4) Click "create a new filter". 5) Change the filter to check if the email is in the inbox (this will check if you received an email). 6) Select "create filter". 7) Change it to forward it to your email address!
  4. Wow! All along the port was 587 not 465. I swear I changed this before.
  5. ? If you mean when will open source be released, it'll be fairly soon - Christmas maybe?
  6. The first time I sent a password reset email, it notified me of this and I selected "yes, this is me". Obviously it hasn't remembered that choice. If this now works, I will notify you when I get home. Edit: Nope.
  7. It would be a nice addition to the Engine if you could prompt a name change through events (character, not user). This way you could purchase name changes, have them as random events or whatever you want. As far as I know, changing name via database is dangerous.
  8. >2019-09-19 20:54:30.744 [Error] Failed to send email (Subject: Intersect Game Engine - Password Reset Code) to -email-. Reason: Uncaught Error System.Net.Mail.SmtpException: The operation has timed out. at System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient.Send(MailMessage message) at Intersect.Server.Notifications.Notification.Send() in C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\6c64f60308be6068\Intersect.Server\Classes\Notifications\Notification.cs:line 60exception) at System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient.Send(MailMessage message) at Intersect.Server.Notifications.Notification.Send() in C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\6c64f60308be6068\Intersect.Server\Classes\Notifications\Notification.cs:line 60 When I send a forgot password email, I receive this timeout after 1-3 minutes. For the From address, I'm using darkestdawnonline@gmail.com, for the from name, I'm using Darkest Dawn Online, I am using Ssl and the port 465. For the username I'm using darkestdawnonline@gmail.com and I'm using the password to that email. Should any of these settings be different to what they are now? Is it a problem with a port not being open or something?
  9. Good point. This is probably a better idea. You could make them equip an op 255 defence armour or change their class to a Ghost class.
  10. KILLCAM (KINDA) How to make: Variables needed: -Global Variable [Value] "Sprite" Create an on PvP Kill Event. Inside it, make it check your sprite and set the sprite accordingly. Create an on PvP Death Event. Add a 2 seconds wait (2000ms), and set it to check the global variable sprite value. Either play an animation on the player accordingly, set the player sprite or whatever. Create a new empty map and teleport the player there for 5 seconds. Improvements: If you want to make the camera at the actual player, then you will have to check each spot on each map - this could be 1000's of variable sets. Good luck! Sorry this isn't much of a tutorial.
  11. Like how in Roblox they have team create, it would be a neat addition if you could have a dedicated team create option. Currently, working on maps together is a bit of a clunky process and doesn't update real time. If you turn team create on, you could see what map they are on, and what event they are editing. All changes would be real time. I know that this would not be an easy option to add, but maybe something for the future!
  12. Wouldn't be that hard Ok maybe it would
  13. @Niko I have already created a system like this, way back in Beta 4.9.1. All you have to do is play an animation constantly that lies between your name and your character.
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