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  1. The global variables will run fine, but not the common events, which are local. An autorun common event is a local autorun event for every player. So this system will only work if exactly one player is online at all times.
  2. This will only run if players are online I'm pretty sure...
  3. Username: The Bunny Gamer Intersect projects: Darkest Dawn Online, Darkest Dawn Online Reimagined Roles: Developer, writer This is copied and pasted from the original channel. Please let me know if I qualify and if I need to share anything else.
  4. 1) That didn't really answer my question, sorry 2) Does "coder" mean "developer"?
  5. @Kibbelz if we want to show you our development proof do we need to send you literal screenshots of the code or just say systems we've made with GIF proof? And do we need proof for the writer role?
  6. Do we all need to provide screenshots of our maps / code as well?
  7. You mean like, an advanced mode and a basic mode? Sounds great.
  8. Username: The Bunny Gamer Intersect projects: Darkest Dawn Online, Darkest Dawn Online Reimagined Roles: Developer, writer (Note I cannot make any activity guarantees.) The only issue I see here is hostility between developers making this based on how good they are at development.
  9. Seems like a cool idea, depending on what the game is about.
  10. Someone told me source had been released and there were daily builds.
  11. The last build I can see is at Oct 06 2019 at 03:57 PM UTC, but there is a lot more builds, why can I only see up to here?
  12. This website seems to have had nothing new, no builds, nothing been checked, with no information or notices, for a few weeks - is something an issue? :/

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    2. Dashplant


      Then you must be blocked from new posts in that section too.


      Sucks man! 

    3. The Bunny Gamer

      The Bunny Gamer

      @Dashplant Can't be me, I tried an incognito window and it's the same.

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      Dude, they’re fucking with you. 

  13. I would use this, it's just spells delivered on projectile hit don't look at anything but damage + stat effects EDIT: Wait, I can spawn a projectile facing towards your player, spawned a few tiles forward and have it do knockback! Thanks for the inspiration guys!
  14. Is it possible to do reverse knockback with this engine? I want to make a cowboy lasso and currently I only see grappling hook, and positive knockback.
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