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  1. Hi all Is there a way to get basically a \param but for if a user chats, not just if they enter a command? For example: Chatting "hi" sets a variable to "hi" OR runs a common event which has "hi" as a \param I have attempted to make it so you can only chat with "/chat [xyz]", removed the chat messages in server strings and make the event say what you said (this way you can use command params to get this), but the speech bubble above your head still displays If possible, is there a way to do something like this without using source modifications? If this is not possible, can someone give me some pointers on where I should start with editing source code? Thanks The Bunny Gamer
  2. Sorry for being late, but you can change their names to "" to make it so nothing shows. Just put them in folders so you know what they are
  3. You could change the "critical hit" chance into a "hit chance" and edit the source code so that the hit chance deals damage rather than a number multiplied by zero.
  4. Can't \evtparams show both the player's x and y locations and the event's x and y locations, save them in string variables and convert to integer variables?
  5. You could make it so the player sprite appears over the NPC's, so that it appears in front. You could also change the tile sizes so that a tile is actually double the height it usually is.
  6. What part in this script do I have to change? if (entity.GetType() == typeof(Resource)) { if (!entity.Passable) { return false; } } Changing "false" to "true" doesn't seem to do anything
  7. I was looking for a way to make NPC's passable and I found this: However I do not quite understand how to do this. I tried following these instructions as best as I could but all I managed was to make it so the player can move into NPC's a bit then jitter back, as if the client is catching up with the server Any help would be appreciated, thx!
  8. If it's set to one, then surely you don't get the option to create a character. It only allows you to create an account
  9. If you set the flee health to 100% then, last I checked, it still attacks if it has 100% health, it will only flee if it has less than 100% health
  10. I'm no expert in this but how many maximum character slots have you set it to?
  11. I'm receiving this error on on the latest patch for the Discord button script: The first patch didn't work either - it didn't apply in two places. Is this because I'm using other patches or because it doesn't work at all?
  12. And if they don't have enough inventory space, and I need to give them an item, how would that help? The idea is to show like 10 free inventory slots and then create more when they get filled up.
  13. Hi, is there a way to make the amount of slots in your inventory INFINITE? In a lot of instances, an item must be added to the player's inventory and if it is full so cannot hold anymore items then it will break the whole thing. I know I could make the amount ridiculously high (like 500 trillion) but that seems quite messy especially since the scroll bar will be tiny, and it still isn't infinite. Is there a way to do this, maybe a source modification?
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