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  1. The Bunny Gamer

    Show Off - HypnoLotus

    Uhh is this an optical illusion? 😵
  2. The Bunny Gamer

    Bleed Effect Possible?

    Nice idea, but where does the random chance come in? @Uyarrr
  3. The Bunny Gamer

    Tilesets pack

    Really liking the Egypt one
  4. The Bunny Gamer

    Trees pack

    nice, very realistic
  5. The Bunny Gamer

    Bleed Effect Possible?

    Is it possible for weapons to have a certain chance to transmit a bleed effect that deals damage over time? I know there is crit, but that is instant damage. There is also DOT for spells but I cannot see one for weapons/items. Is it possible to do DOT (Damage Over Time) with weapons and (just as a bonus) have a bleed animation play on top?
  6. The Bunny Gamer

    Minor Announcements

    Progress since 30/4/2019 wiped Unfortunately, due to an error with the database from switching from SQLite to MySQL, the game was wiped. I have had to go back to a previous backup on 30/4/2019. I have done all of the updates to get us back to date. However, if you have made an account since that date or made any progress with one it will have been wiped - you will have to go back to the state of your account on 30/4/2019. Sorry!
  7. The Bunny Gamer

    [Release] IntersectCMS by AriusII

    I've already tried XAMPP and WordPress. Neither worked.
  8. The Bunny Gamer

    [Release] IntersectCMS by AriusII

    I'm not that stupid :p (or maybe I am, but in other categories) ???
  9. The Bunny Gamer

    [Release] IntersectCMS by AriusII

    It says "Connect at PlayerData database impossible"
  10. The Bunny Gamer

    [Release] IntersectCMS by AriusII

    It won't let me connect to the player database when the credentials are all correct and comes up with the error message Also, how do you get it so other people can see.
  11. The Bunny Gamer

    Systems I want

    The beam thing is probably possible by making projectile spells have no cooldowns
  12. The Bunny Gamer

    Count as high as you can while staff are sleeping!!!

    Damian needs to ret1re
  13. The Bunny Gamer

    Import/export map

    Wait for new version sorry or try to delve into the databases
  14. The Bunny Gamer

    Import/export map

    yeah they were just like BOOM ded the best thing to do if using SQLite is to go into a SQLite browser and duplicate it like that. if using mysql just do the same but with mysql workbench if you don't need to EXPORT or IMPORT it then just duplicate (copy/paste) it in the map file menu in the engine