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  1. Someone told me source had been released and there were daily builds.
  2. The last build I can see is at Oct 06 2019 at 03:57 PM UTC, but there is a lot more builds, why can I only see up to here?
  3. This website seems to have had nothing new, no builds, nothing been checked, with no information or notices, for a few weeks - is something an issue? :/

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    2. Dashplant


      Then you must be blocked from new posts in that section too.


      Sucks man! 

    3. The Bunny Gamer

      The Bunny Gamer

      @Dashplant Can't be me, I tried an incognito window and it's the same.

    4. Zetasis


      Dude, they’re fucking with you. 

  4. I would use this, it's just spells delivered on projectile hit don't look at anything but damage + stat effects EDIT: Wait, I can spawn a projectile facing towards your player, spawned a few tiles forward and have it do knockback! Thanks for the inspiration guys!
  5. Is it possible to do reverse knockback with this engine? I want to make a cowboy lasso and currently I only see grappling hook, and positive knockback.
  6. Thanks, but this does not include all the spell effects. In fact, this is about half of them.
  7. Hello! I'm struggling to know what spell effects like "silence" do. If I could have a list of the definitions of all the effects, that'd be great, thanks!
  8. Thanks. When it comes to the cliff, I have no idea how to fix this. Everything I do makes it look wrong... And I don't have any slopes or anything.. For the waterfall, I'm just realised the shadow is wrong so thx About the shadows, I think they're mostly correct except for the edge parts and the cliff, which I need to change. :p
  9. This is my attempt at improving based on what you have said and also other things. Don't mind the black space at the bottom, that's a placeholder for a cave. As for the tiny island on the right, that has a chest on it.
  10. Next step: press space to jump and collect it Create a dummy item "found mushroom" with no sprite Create an item "mushroom" with a mushroom 🍄 sprite Create an event on the map with the sprite set to a question block Create a Boolean variable called "has mushroom?" Change the spawn requirements of the event to require the variable "has mushroom?" being off Set the event to constantly check if the player has 1 mushroom If they do then set "has mushroom?" to off If they do not then do if player has 2 mushrooms then take away one mushroom In a new common event set it to check if the player has the dummy mushroom item. If they do then take away the dummy mushroom, and give them a normal mushroom. The point of this is so that it will appear they are pressing the [?] block instead of picking up the mushroom. Something like this should work [EDIT] Make sure that you put the dummy mushroom as an item spawn under the [?] block.
  11. Woah that's cool, how did you do it roughly?
  12. Agreed. Hovering over the items in the boxes should at least tell you what they are.
  13. Currently, the "slide" block (in the area with "blocked" and "npc avoid") slides you or NPC's down very unrealistically fast. It would be great if you could customise this time in milliseconds per block, or even as a whole.
  14. @Dashplant I attempted to improve the map by following all of your 13 points, does it look better? Note: Instead of scrapping the Tundra, I tried to improve it from scratch. With shadows: Without shadows:
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