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  1. Can confirm, latest update works
  2. @Doug It's a skill that I want to record how many times it has been used successfully so you can level it up.
  3. Is there a way to make an event fire if a spell actually hits an enemy or a projectile hits an enemy? Thanks
  4. I wonder if it would be possible to make a whitelist with this?
  5. It's giving me this error when running git apply: "error: unrecognized input"
  6. Thanks! I'll check it out now
  7. A filter in the chat that prevents certain words from being said?
  8. Thanks for this great modification. Works fine on my client!
  9. The global variables will run fine, but not the common events, which are local. An autorun common event is a local autorun event for every player. So this system will only work if exactly one player is online at all times.
  10. This will only run if players are online I'm pretty sure...
  11. Username: The Bunny Gamer Intersect projects: Darkest Dawn Online, Darkest Dawn Online Reimagined Roles: Developer, writer This is copied and pasted from the original channel. Please let me know if I qualify and if I need to share anything else.
  12. 1) That didn't really answer my question, sorry 2) Does "coder" mean "developer"?
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