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Quest - How to make a complete cutscene quest


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So i said few days ago that i'll make a tutorial on how to make a cutscene quest so here it is.


This is a video of what the quest will looks like: here

This is probably one of the best quest of my game. If you speak french and have already watch DBZ read the text of the quest  :P



To make this quest you will need player variable. Let's call it "Emplacement", this variable will affect the first road of the first event to move. You will have to create 4 event on map around the first event npc that the player will talk to.





1 ) Edit every of those 4 event to set the "Emplacement" variable to another number. 1, 2, 3, 4


2 ) Add a second page on every npc that the player will have to talk to.


3 ) Add the condition type "Quest in progression" on each page

     First page of the second npc: select the quest and the option on any task.

     Second page of the second npc: select the quest and select the task to talk to this npc.


4 ) Let the content of the first page of every of those event npc empty.


5 ) Copy entity option of the second page:




6 ) It's now time to move this npc, start by creating many conditional branch inside another to have 4 conditional branch in all like in the previous screen. "Emplacement" is egal to 1, 2, 3, 4


7 ) Because the players can move before starting the quest they will not be at the same place when they will do the quest. So they have more than one road option. set a different road to the player in every conditional branch. Each move is affected by where the player is. No need to put the npc road, he'll go at the same place anyway. Just make it outside of every conditional branch.


8 ) Add two "wait for move road" one for the player the other for this npc.


9 ) Add some "Show option", "Show text"... fill up the task that your player have to do.


10 ) Put "Complete quest task" at the end of this page to complete the task and starting the next one.


11 ) Go on the second page of the event npc that the player will have to talk to now. The previous npc have to return where he was before so now each event npc will have to more three move road. 




12) Add only two "wait for move route completion" we dont care about the previous npc road, fill up the event and complete the quest task


13) Continue as you like


14 ) Put Complete quest at the end of the last npc to talk to.

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2 minutes ago, Khaikaa said:

So great! This surely will help a lot of people, thank you!


It will probably kill the hope of few other too :7_sweat_smile:


Dont abuse too much of this except if you want to never release a game.

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1 hour ago, Meto.Z said:

"Sangohan" is a wrong translation of the original japanese name to french version.

Simply because you can't paste the first and last name into a same name.

Son is the family name and french version (AB Production for the anime and Glenat for the manga) make some errors with a lot of character.


Please stay on the topic. 

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