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           Alone Online


Alone Online is Currently built in the Intersect Engine awaiting for source.


We have been working on Alone Online for only a few weeks now and our progression has increased heaps. We are so far focusing on graphics and mapping.


Short story

The world is in turmoil. Warlords and Fiefdoms rule the wilderness in the wake of an apocalyptic zombie outbreak. You are a Warlord, cunning and ruthless. To survive the hordes, band together with your fellow outlaws and establish your territory. Cast down other Warlords in combat to expand your domain. But allegiances are frail and no fealty certain. In the wilds, you are alone...














Levels Sounds 

Lil False 









Currently we can't promise anything because we would get much complaints so we do our best to surprise players.

We are also in progress of making character sprites for customization.


Looking for:

Volunteer Programmers

Volunteer Mappers

Volunteer Graphic designers

Volunteer SFX unless high quality tracks. we can pay


We want to be able to add these things in the future for players to enjoy.

•Forming Alliances

•Mass amount of weapons

•Character customization

•Open world ( Done )

•Make friends but never trust anyone

•Survive the z.o.m.b.i.e horde ( Done )

•Take over sections

•Craft items & Gather resources

•Day/Night System ( Done )

•Holding lands for rewards








You our can contact me via discord or forum dms.
   Our server link:


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Please put lower font size.

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2 hours ago, Gibier said:

Your topic content is fine but:





Please put lower font size.

How is it now?

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