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GalacticSharp Engine - C# 2D ORPG Engine!


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This engine is and will always be a learning experience for me, myself, and I! It is only public for feedback, improvement, and if you want to use it! But I will be supporting this engine as much as I can!


For a few weeks now I've been working on a C# 2D ORPG engine. I have finally made significant progress on the engine and I want to release  a nice stable optimized build late December.

Estimated Release Date: Late December, 2015

* The GitHub repository will be up in the coming weeks!


  • Cross-Platform via Mono -> Easy to Port!
  • Accounts
  • Player Movement
  • Map Loading/Saving
  • Map Editor

* All the code is commented!

Planned Features!

  • Combat
  • NPC's & NPC Editor
  • Spells & Spell Editor

What Needs to be Done Before Release?

  • Centering Players Names!
  • Movement Optimization
  • General Server Optimization
  • Textbox Scrolling + Holding of Keys (GUI Reworking/Optimization)


  • OpenGL
  • Lidgren Networking
  • MonoGame Framework
  • Galactic UI Framework

GalacticUI Framework

What is it?

GalacticUI framework is a GUI framework specifically built for the GalacticSharp Engine. It's main focus is ease of use. Not only does the framework come packed with tons of GUI elements it's also completely open source and extendable to your liking.

What Does it Come With?

*All controls are based off the GUIElement class

  • GUIElement Class (refer below). This class allows you to create extendable GUI controls, it is a base class for creating GUI controls, it provides rendering, input, and audio.
  • Button
  • Textbox
  • Ratio Button
  • Combo Boxes [WIP]
  • Plus, more controls are always being added.

Screenshots! - Updated as of 11/15/2015


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Hey guys!

Over the past weeks I've been steadily improving the UI framework that comes with this engine. I've been optimizing it thus making it faster, I finished the text box control (scrolling, and holding keys). I've also made it easier to use within the codebase by simplifying methods, as well as creating new methods to do more! Like for example you can batch your controls together so you only need to call the 'update', or 'draw' methods once instead of doing it for each control but you can still have individual click events. I'm also in the progress of making new types of controls like combo boxes and radio buttons. Lastly I've rewritten the way the UI framework loads your files. It used to load them via the default XNA/MonoGame method of


but it now loads it from a file stream meaning the engine isn't using the XNA/MonoGame content folder at all but instead using the classic data files and this method is really quick!

Also I plan on releasing the source via GitHub very soon (2-3 weeks)! Keep in mind I'm not moving the release date, this is more of a beta release :)

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