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Display Character (Image) Next to chat box



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Retracting my original answer since the code required would break stuff.


This IS possible, but you have to get creative. The first step is making the game engine think that the event window should be a lot bigger. So open event eventdefault.png, increase the height ~300 pixels and move the window to the very bottom so it looks like this.



My version.


Everything from this point on happens in Client/Resources/Gui/InGame.xml.  Open that file and find


The values are (X, Y, Width, and Height). Increase the height by 300 to 462.


Save the xml and login to the game. You will see this:



The window is moved downward some, but everything is now outside of it.


So now you have to find the bounds for the following and set the second value (the Y value) to be 300px greater to shift everything down to the window.

You will want to change:

  • EventDialogueArea
  • EventDialogueAreaNoFace
  • Response1Button


You will end up with this:




Which is closer to what we want. Next up, though, we need to increase the size of our portrait. This is easy, find the bounds for EventFacePanel and tweak them to your liking. I'm setting mine to <Bounds>22,100,200,200</Bounds>



More tweaks are then needed, the dialogue text could be moved to the left, and then expanded to fill the whole window.. and this process would need to be repeated for Event windows with 2, 3, and 4 responses.


There are other changes that could be made.. it will definitely take a lot of tinkering but that's the jist of it. It's POSSIBLE but not intuitive.


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Would it be easier to put in function calls (after source) that can be executed to do this?  I believe this would wack ALL event windows to be like this... (I personally will try to move them anyways)   I think declaring specific images and making a function call (maybe have the event set something) which will display the image, then onclick have the image refresh (either updates to another image or expression) or is removed on end dialogue.  I think using the premade portrait, will be more troublesome... I might be wrong though.

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So probably the BEST way to accomplish this is wait until we implement the show/hide picture functions in the event system.

You should then, on the events you want, show any graphic off to the side or top of the window and hide it at will.


ETA of such a function though is unknown and likely won't come until after the source release.


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