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Spell Animations

Weylon Santana


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13 minutes ago, jcsnider said:

You're in the right place. Specifying you want resources for Intersect is good here, but this is still a resource request and not an engine related question. 

Exact. I need magic animations. Rpgmaker style, but it's almost impossible to find animations that are not under Rpgmaker's protection.
I am creating a serious project within the law. I will have the right to everything and I do not want complications with anyone.
I need any kind of spell animations in PNG format, similar to RPGMaker, I do not care how many animations, the more the better. But that's what I need.
I already have about 70% of the graphics that I need for my project, all conforming to the law. I need animations to do the spells.
If there was "Pixel Animation", I'd be able to try it too.

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