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Benben's Work [Tilesets Pack]


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Hello !

I just want to share tilesets who are very famous in the french community (maybe on english making forum now).

The creator is Benben and when he stopped the development of his RPG, he gave all his work to the community (the game and the ressources).

So this is more RPGMXP-like, but i tried with a lot of differents sprites, and it always look good.

This is all custom, so it's free to use for your game, if you can read french feel free to read this : http://www.rpg-maker.fr/index.php?page=forum&id=10361  (it's the explanation of his stop, for non-french : stop cause of a boyfriend, no time to spend on making anymore, give the source of the game for the community)


I don't know if this is classic "deja vu" tilesets for you, because they are old (2004-2009),  but the quality is really high so i decide to share this with the source on this forum because they were not here!

You can change tilesets, add features in the same style,  include some elements from the pack, ...  and credits to Benben !




Content : 

- 50 Tilesets 

- Forest, Desert, Snow landscapes, differents architecture for cities , Caves, Dungeon


Screenshots : 




Download link :  http://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/e7a8a7f1f6c2d5f8e8020aba58c687d1.rar 


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The sprite you can see is custom (he's in the folder of his game).


I'm not aware of the intellectual property of the RPGMXP RTP, but the tilesets he provides are in the same style, so I don't know if it's a problem, I woukd say no because a lot of games creates custom graphics for a Pokemon game in the same style than originals nintendo games, and they are doing money with the game (Pokemon Revolution Online for example).


Actually people are doing money with Benben's tilesets (english community who stole the intellectual property of the work), and he don't agree with this use, but he don't want to fight these games.


So i think if you credit Benben, you can use freely the graphics for a commercially use, but personally I don't think it's correct to use only these graphics and make money with, if you have the pretention to sell your game, it's better to custom and add features to the actual pack (but it's only my point of view).


38 minutes ago, Gravelord said:

It's also posted to the RPGMaker forums and the art was made for an RPGMaker game. Doesn't Enterbrain claim in their EULA that art posted to their forums can only be used in rpgmaker?


I don't think!

The art was made for a custom use, and Enterbrain have no claim on the creativity of the users, it's only a tool.

Benben is the only owner of his trees, house, ... And he decides to give it to the making community.


30 minutes ago, Kibbelz said:

Depends if they are licensed under Enterbrain or not. Anyway, i've downloaded them and seen a ton of rpgmaker graphics in there unedited. Use at your discretion people.


The custom use was primary for rpgmxp so yes, there is certainly RTP graphics add to the custom ressources.

I'm checking the tilesets, and I don't find tons of rpgmaker graphics, i only see references to the rpgmxp universe with the statues of RTP mobs, original plants of RTP customs in differents size, ...

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Wow I thought some of these tiles were lost forever. I have the tiles from the second screenshot and used the tree tile from that screenshot extensively. Thank you for its origin. I will look into this further

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