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Quick pre-uploaderoni makaroni:

  1. Everything I'll post here is MY WORK, I do not support art thief
  2. Everything here is free to take and use
  3. Feel free to credit me or not.

Now, to good stuff, I'll try to upload as much as possible and try to keep it updated and in as many resolutions as I can however (for now) I'll mostly dump things I do no use and have made in the past. So stay stuned, follow the thread and go with thee flooowww...

Drop: NUMBERO UNO - UI elements, ICONS

Basicly, it was made for RTS game that never seen the light of the day, so it's free to take and nom nom if you find it useful I'm glad :)


Basicly, it was random doodle, feel free to use if you can - i BELIEVE IN YOU

Drop: NUMBERO TREE CAUSE I CANNOT INTO NATURE - Stone boulder or somekind of rocky rock pixelart 64x32 (I really should learn how to add more effictively cough cough)



That's all for now, just wanted to make my own thread to have and slowly fill it with stuff I find. Hope it helps someone, if doesn't? Cool potato too :3

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As I am lazy cunt I am not updating this gallery.


HOWEVER I promised Panda to redraw 3 old tiles and give them to Intersect completly free, so here it is:

1. dc2399e8b580a67afd9bf5d5d38a2f04.png*It's owned by Intersect as I give them all rights to it. I shall nor demand nor suggest my ownership of those no more. Have fun!  10fea0accd2814f631e7d2ce66dbceb7.png10fea0accd2814f631e7d2ce66dbceb7.png (seamless)

2. d17713294361ac57bb9ef6728045958f.png*same as up d17713294361ac57bb9ef6728045958f.pngd17713294361ac57bb9ef6728045958f.png
3. 1dfbd64d63ffa02430aa2ba30f6f5e20.png*Sameroni Makaroni Useroni Commercialoni For Free Eroni! 1dfbd64d63ffa02430aa2ba30f6f5e20.png1dfbd64d63ffa02430aa2ba30f6f5e20.png

4 .0ae5629adcf987e2cab001917a179d8e.png* Ta, Ta not a Cockroach. 0ae5629adcf987e2cab001917a179d8e.png0ae5629adcf987e2cab001917a179d8e.png

5. ebe85fb318f9ef3054e8890bc43a34e2.png Testing 1-2-3, 1-2-3 G-A-B-E-N ebe85fb318f9ef3054e8890bc43a34e2.pngebe85fb318f9ef3054e8890bc43a34e2.png Fen-cy...HBAUSHAHUSUHAS

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Itemeroni Makaroni (No idea if it's double posteroni, I hope noperoni) (Bumperoni?)



  1. White Armour 9329054a1810eb102f9da76a85169393.png
  2. White Boots b79febb74bc8e4198f510b33390d54c4.png
  3. DEUS VULT (Crusader Helmet)e5f65cf2c6b20f2ea5368d0d7b5b1eb9.png

As always free to use, no need to credit :P (However If you'd use anything I'd like to know, cause ya know, it's always good feeling :3)(No need to tell mexd)

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