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How to create Fishing System?



Hello guys, i tried to create a fishing system this morning by using these parameters, but no lucky, i never program a fishing system before so im confused...

i tried to set a variable: random value 1 to 3:

(common event)



then...i set 2 itens sea trash:






and set 1 item fish:




supposed to come one of these items randomly, but in the game the player only receive the 3 (fish)


Please someone can help me? or know other way to make a fishing system?

Thank you.



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Yeah i can use resources, but with resources are not good for fishing, first 'cause the min and max HP of resource don't work well in this version of intersect (i put 1 in min HP and 30 on max HP but when i save and comeback to the editor the min HP its 30 and the max HP turns to 0). Second 'cause i can't set ''wait'' or "show text window" by using resource, so the player just press E on the water and the fish or trash drops for him. This is good when we talk about wood, but not fishing...and i can't set to drop only one item per time, i mean the player press E until the water 'dies' and the drop is 2 fishs and 3 trashes, for example. That's why i choose make this in common event when i have more options...



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