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Life Forge Christmas Play-Test (OUT NOW!)


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Hey guys! The big moment is here! We're announcing the date for the elusive play-test we've been hyping for almost a month now!
December 23rd!
We can't wait to have you all online and playing Life Forge with us!
With this release time, we're also packing another Event similar to our Halloween Event! This time, though, it's Christmas!!!
The server will be available for the public for a full week!
Here's some info for those that will be joining us on the 23rd!
~Max Level is now 30~
~Hundreds of Items to Hoard and Collect~
~Open PvP in many areas~
~Many Gameplay Improvements since our Halloween Event~
~4 New Bosses~
~Massive and Ever-Expanding World~
The Life Forge Team simply can't wait till we have you all playing with us! Any questions, just ask!
Download Available now at LifeForgeRPG.com !!!
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I'm currently without internet acces, besides my phone, and am working two jobs. I'm not sure if I'll be online or not for this next event but I'm going to try my hardest to be there. 


@SkywardRiver is going to be working like crazy to get this stuff done and ready and I personally want to thank him for his dedication and really stepping up in my absence. 

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