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Login problems when editor isnt open



Hello everyone, 
I'm not new per-say, Ive been in nd out of the eclipse engines and playerworld/etc for sometime now, and thought about finishing my project. But I have a problem.

I start my server and it starts up fine, and when I go to login, it dims out but does not go into the game, i can even press the exit button even though I cant see it since the screen fades to black. But now if I open the intersect editor then open the client and try it logs me right in. I can only log in when the editor is open, other wise if it isnt open it just fades out and doesnt load to anything. Is this a common problem? Or do I have a problem with mine. If anyone can give me some helpful hints or a fix for this that would be wonderful. Thank you very much in advance for anyone that may be able to help with this issue.

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