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Need Help Arcwyre Recruiting


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Hey everyone! Now that Arcwyre is starting to grow and has now been online for a few days with no issues I think it's time I started recruiting some help to aid in pumping out updates for the players c:



Why join the team?

      -Arcwyre is establishing itself as a prominent figure in the AGD community and soon the ORPG community as a whole. It's the first online game created in our beloved Intersect as well as boasting some serious planning, structure and development guidelines to make everything as streamline as possible (plus we're pretty dope)



Be a part of something great!

      -Every member on the team at any point in it's development will receive a place in the credit list of the game as well as various in-game benefits and just a general chance to be a part of something that could go very far, my vision does not stop at a small PC ORPG, I plan to improve and improve with the goal being a cross-platform port to iOS and Android as well as PC and Mac, JC's wonderful platform gives us endless options.



What we need:


   -The current positions we are in need of are posted below:


-In-Game Moderators (3)


The In-Game Moderators need to be able to log a reasonable amount of play hours in order to monitor chat and player behavior and make sure everything is enjoyable for players of a variable age range. Moderators receive access to the in-game admin panel and access to warp, ban, and kick functionalities as well as mod-stealth and a warning system to come.


We are looking for people who can consistently set a standard for behavior in game and apply a just judgement on players who have broken the rules.



-Mappers (1-2)


Mappers will need to be able to aid in my work of pumping out playable maps onto Arcacia. Mappers need to have knowledge of the Intersect Development Suite or be willing to learn before working on official maps.


We are looking for people who can provide an acceptable portfolio of mapping work and can keep in line with the current mapping style, I don't limit creativity though, if you have something in your mind that you feel would work, try it out the worst thing I'll say is no.



-Content Developers (3)


Content Developers will aid in the creation of Items, Spells, NPC's, Projectiles, and general in-game content. While I have a LOT of content already planned I'm very open to creative freedom here to expand the world of Arcacia


Content Devs will need to provide an apt imagination as well as decent grammar who can aid in the creation of new content that adheres to Arcwyre Canon. Content Developers will also need to have knowledge of the Intersect Development Suite or be willing to learn before working on official content



-Public Relations Moderators (2-3)


PRMs need to be able to keep Arcwyre updated on it's social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) as well as answer questions users may ask on the social media pages.


PRMs need to be able to interact with the fanbase in a polite and welcoming manner as well as keep the pages posted of new updates and content. PRMs need to know how to work Facebook and Twitter (obviously)



If you would like to apply to any of these positions please PM me or post below with your experience and why you would like to work for the team, thank you!

PS: I know I won't fill all of these positions, the numbers I posted are max team sizes so I'm not expecting anything crazy, but any help is welcome!




   -GalacticGlum (Programmer/Web Developer)

   -John (Programmer)

   -Azizele (I do literally everything else please good lord someone help me xD.)



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