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  1. Paint.net does that: https://www.getpaint.net/download.html
  2. You can't export the game on html,to make a public version of your game you simply delete the editor files on client folder and release the left files as your game. (You can create a setup for these files).
  3. Buy an static IP from your ISP and portforward the Intersect Engine Server port in your router,afterwards you will no longer see that error.
  4. The editor users DirectX while the Client uses Opengl (which is most likely the reason your client not running,but not sure as it should have thrown an error if it was it).
  5. Can you try disabling antivirus fully,then run the client so we can see if it is an antivirus issue or not ?
  6. If the mouse loading animation shows but software does not run have you tried to check if it is blocked by your antivirus ?
  7. I suggest you to update your drivers to latest version using this: https://www.dell.com/support/home/al/en/albsdt1/product-support/product/alienware-aurora-r5-desktop/drivers After the driver update process is done,restart your computer again and try to run Intersect Engine Client.
  8. To find your computer model do this: 1) Run Command Prompt. 2) Paste this command "wmic csproduct get name" 3) Press enter. After that paste the results here.
  9. Can i know what computer you are using,its model ?
  10. Can you try to restart your computer then try opening the client again ?
  11. Can you post a screenshot of the error you getting ?
  12. Devo

    Help please

    Admin teach me how create game ?
  13. Devo

    API doubt

    What if i told you that the documentation is enough knowledge if you cant perform what it says then you are yet not ready ? Documentation is quite clear if you do not know how to use it that's something else,from what i can see you are asking how to use the api but that's same as if asking someone to write the code for you which wont happen... P.s: Learn some web dev basics before getting into api.
  14. Devo

    API doubt

    Spend 5 minutes here it will be worth all the way: https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/
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