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  1. I used MariaDB 10.4.8 for this test.
  2. Just tested and works fine for me... Ubuntu version: 18.04.3 Intersect version:
  3. I don't use these they are the past you can contact me through this forum chat though.
  4. Part 1) Create Join Guild Function This is a small logic into it: First of all create 5 player variables and name them like: guild1,guild2,guild3,guild4 and playerguild variable. And Then create an event that creates the command "/joinguild" and when the user writes this command it should show them the options box. You can add up to 4 options there so you write like: Guild 1,Guild 2,Guild 3,Guild 4 and once the user selects one of these based on his choice you update the "playerguild" variable to the guild he choose. Part 2) Create Leave Guild Function Create the "/leaveguild" command that simply empties the "playerguild" variable. Part 3) Guild Chat Create "/guildchat" command that shows the text that player writes in messagebox. (global chat) Create an event with conditional branch that checks "playerguild" variable to see what guild player is on and then show the message sent via "/guildchat" to players with same "playerguild" id. Part 4) Guild XP or Reputation call it whatever you like. Create "guildxp" variable as global. Create conditional branch to check the guild player is in using "playerguild" variable. Then at player events,like kills,deaths and stuff add the code to increase and decrease the "guildxp" amount. There should be a different guildxp variable per each guild of course like: guildxp1,guildxp2,guildxp3,guildxp4. This is the only way i can think of with the source still not being released. Part 5) The guild tag before players name. Use the chat box commands to show the guild name before players message like "[ Guild 1 ] Hello world". Example: \pv{playerguild} \param
  5. It works fine for me: http://prntscr.com/pfcdtt (Tested on 6.123) P.s: Did you download full 6.123 or upgraded your old version to it ?
  6. Because that's an attribute event you should run the event editor to do that one: http://prntscr.com/pfaoun
  7. You can do it this way: 1)Create the event with trigger command "/online". 2)Set the "/online" command to display the variable "\onlinelist". Example: https://prnt.sc/pf6iad https://prnt.sc/pf6ig9
  8. I never questioned what i said...
  9. The engine is light enough even now the only thing that they should migrate from is opengl as most of players cant run the engine because of it...
  10. Yeah this is good as it can be used to check whenever a player is trying to register from a proxy or vpn using 3rd party api services to prevent them from creating alt's.
  11. That's called a launcher it updates the player game files on every run if there is a new version released.
  12. You can post your suggestions here instead: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/bug_tracker/suggestions/
  13. Don't worry you can add all these by yourself once the engine is released ( jk jk someone has to say this in every thread ) Someone going to add all these once source is released for sure (buggy and not optimized but all it matters is that it works right ?)
  14. Well you sure wrote a lot there but i doubt any member of the intersect team will do any of these,but probably someone will take the initiative to do it after source gets released. In details: 1) Hmm maybe. 2) Nop it would probably mean to write it from scratch in js... 3) Making your own browser wont make any difference because still the game developer would have to tell the player to download the browser so why to go to all the trouble of installing a browser instead of simply downloading the game client ? 4) That's some news sounds like a way but probably not like i said so don't keep your hopes unless you are planning to do it your self.
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