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  1. Hey all --

    As many of you who follow us on Facebook know, my daughter went through a series of hospital visits over the last [year] with a chronic intestinal condition which appeared out of the blue. We've been home and she's been well for a few months now, and slowly but surely I'm taking steps to get the game back online. Just took the leap of buying the small hosting package for A4C, right here with Intersect Hosting.
    [ UPDATE: You can download and try our Beta, here https://www.indiedb.com/games/age-of-the-four-clans/downloads/age-of-the-four-clans-beta-20 ]

    Things are looking up and I'm looking forward to getting back in touch with everyone.



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    2. Beefy Kasplant

      Beefy Kasplant

      Happy all is good with your daughter! 


    3. EVOLV


      Thank you so much! Great community we have here and I'm happy to be part of it after all that 2017 brought unexpectedly with our family. For anyone who doesn't know, my husband is my co-chair on our games, provides GM support on A4C and is the chief designer of our board games. We kinda take time off from "work" when this stuff goes on, and it's nice to have the community backing of this engine and its believers, specifically.

    4. SkywardRiver


      Good to have you back around man. Glad it all turned out okay with your daughter!

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