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  1. How to show a new variable value in gui? ex: i have some weapon skill, i want to show in character window the lvl of player AND weapon skill value. is it possible? ty!
  2. Today(this weekend) i did: 1 - Some GUI mods to pirate tematic(i like original gui i'm thinking let half it will be ok, will be faster, and as orihginal gui is neutral it matchs with anything i think ) 2 - Items that set user class when equiped ex: the sword when equiped make your class swordsman. 3 - Skill system "tibia like" to weapons, when used skills of your class weapon you get lvl of that specified skill and some key levels makes you learn new skills. 4 - Finished all skills from each base class from my game and insert in above system. i ask alot of help in the forum then ty for help guys! you are amazing.
  3. yes, i will keep the way it is for now because i have alot to push in the project, but i will use this as exercise to start to code as soon possible, ty! and Weylon, valeu tbm man, tmj! precisando tamo ai.
  4. There is a way to trigger events when an specified weapon item is equipped? ex: uses a gun then trigger event change class to be a shooter, same to swordsman etc... i see some trigger type that happen when equips are changed, but its general and i could not think an easy way to test if changed equip was a gun or a sword or something else to change class correcty, if not anyone with knowledge of code can drawme an easy way to do it by coding myself? path, archive, some specifc code line or even an pseudo algoritm to do this goal, TY Edit: i finally did it by using the event condition creating a condition list for each weapon i want to trigger as "equipped item is" and creating 3 different events(i for each class and with only one command "set class to X") the trigger is equips are changed, this wy i need to add every new item i add in those condition list to make it change to right class when equipped, i still thinking about a more efficient way to do same thing then you still are welcome to sugest different ways, ty again! i hope this help someone to achieve the same thing i was looking for.
  5. its exactly what i was trying to do! ty
  6. i want to make every equipment dropped roll some stats randomly to make itens unique, ex: same sword can have +5 atk or +5 def or +50 hp or all stats listed or nothing etc, i never changed nothing in the sorce by myself, i just added one patch(skill chain), the help i need is to start with baby steps trying to reach my firt goal with hardcore coding, i need some sugestions from people that know the code and where i need to start to make this thing ex: go to directory x archive y and see the drop itens from npc code acess item.z field and increment a random number with some chance... i dont know where to start to find this then if someone can help-me i would be happy... i'm brazilian but i can understand english too, ty all!
  7. man i solved this problem by creating a trap spell with event type and setting a play animation event(the animation frame duration needs to match with trap duration time, my trap was just spikes in the ground then they just apear when the player cast the spell) i have some issues to remove animation when the enemy activat the trap i could not solve this then my trap stills with graphics even after deactived.
  8. Amazing, i get a long time to make it works(first patch i applied) but when it works was the best thing in the world, i did alot of spells of my game classes only because your patch, ex: Oni Giri(Dash+projectils) Mera Spin(projectils that explode in another projectils full dir), hirameki(a perfect slice made by using tree skills chained to make moviment ilusion), i dont know why this isnt in the engine by defalt its wonderfull. one more: projectils with trail(trail as a new trigered project delayed to apear exactly 1 step after the skill head, imagine as a kamehameha from dbz)
  9. Project: World Piece online(or just Pirates i dont know how much problem that "piece" can bring :S) Built with Intersect Engine. Geral progress: Base game created by me in another engine(byond) then i'm just porting major part of things and remake some of them better than before, planning almost finished since older project. Intersect Port Progress : - First island:90% -Other islands: 0%(already defined just don,t started yet) - First quest 90% -Other Quests: 0% (already defined just don,t started yet) - Classes: 100% (8 skills each) - Devil Fruit system: 100% - Devil Fruit skills: 25% (already defined and toons of skill icons just don,t started yet to code) - Ships and navigation: 70% - Ships and navigation Combat: 0%(already defined just don,t started yet) - items: 5% - Gold Currency: 100% - Cash Currence: 50% - Events: 0%(already defined just don,t started yet) - Faction: 0%(already defined just don,t started yet) - Faction Ranks: 0%(already defined just don,t started yet) Current Staff : ME(programming, trying to map and create icons the best way i can and planning game history, progression, distribution and monetization) I'm looking for volunteers but if you make a good price we can talk(i'm Brazilian then anything you want just plis just do "amount/5" like Dolar/real relation :S) - Im looking some one that uses my base icon or give-me a better base icon and make one piece character itens with paperdols ex: aces hat, shanks cloak etc... - Im looking some one that create a pirate based GUI but it needs to bet amazing enough to get original interface from intersect that is beatfull and polished. Ty guys s2
  10. like an ingame cash item that i manualy gives when someone buys from website right?? ty man its a possible way, by the way do anyone know if can i trigger by http request from website to server or something like it to distribute the cash or add some player that buy in queue to receive your cash when the distribute event trigger by period?
  11. Hey guys o/, there is an easy way to make a cash store ingame? Selling packs and skins to monetize the game or something like this?
  12. yeah i lose some hours trying do it and no sucess :s, i was trying not to do copys os same items just to randomize the icon but i think is the faster way to proced, ty man! i keep thinking it would be a great adition to engine maybe some day i try to create it by hard code or some thing like this, its the first engine i see potencial since byond... right now i am like a child when gets a new toy :X
  13. i have to create an item that can have different forms (a fruit) and same effect, i could just create alot of itens and put same event on it but i wanna make the things easier to manage then i try create a single item and randomize the icon when its created on the game, same drop sometime is an apple another time is banana blabla, anyone have some idea how to do it? by the way i'm porting my byond one piece game to this engine and this answer will help-me to finish devil fruits system
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