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  1. When you reduce the number of slots, it does remove them automatically in the JSON, but when you want to replace a higher number (still below 10), it doesn't place the information back in the JSON. But maybe it's not a bug, to let people play with the GUI freely. Just wanted to let you know about that, thanks!
  2. Hi, Just to let you know, if you reduce the HotbarSlotCount number in the Config.json file from the server side and then, if you want to put back some slots, it seems like you can't. I find out that the hotbar.json file in the Layout folder from the Gui is not updating on the client side automatically. I don't know if this is something you want to fix, but it's not a problem for me, since I work it manually. Have a nice day!
  3. You can design 2 shops in the editor. After that, in an event, based with conditions, you can show different shops to the player. Example : Shop #1 : Has your bread in stock. Shop #2 : Doesn't have it in stock. Event : If : The player doesn't have the bread : Open Shop #1 Else : Open Shop #2 You can also trigger different shops by setting more conditions. Hope this helps!
  4. I made a new player variable named Random Number. When you interact with the event use Set player variable Random Number 1 to 100. Now you can make a conditional branch to your event: If player variable Random Number is Greater than -> Give player Item #1 If player variable Random Number is Lesser than -> Give player Item #2 Hope this option will help you!
  5. Thanks for sharing your formula! I worked on mine a little today and I ended up with this : "MagicDamage": "(((A_AbilityPwr/(V_MagicResist/3))+1)*CritMultiplier)", "PhysicalDamage": "(((A_Attack/(V_Defense/3))+1)*CritMultiplier)", "TrueDamage": "(BaseDamage*CritMultiplier)" I think it's fine for me. The division was a great idea! I made a lot of tests and i'm pretty confident with my results.
  6. Hi all! I tried many things with the damage formulas. I want to have a pretty simple formula, like this one : "PhysicalDamage": "(BaseDamage-V_Defense)+1", Pretty basic uh? The problem here is that i want the damage to always be equal or greater to one. But i didn't manage to do so. If the V_Defense is greater than the BaseDamage, then the damage will go on negative numbers. So the +1 here is meaningless Is there a way i can use conditions or something to have at least 1 damage? Thank you so much!
  7. I don't think it should be hard to do a thing like this. When you put your mouse over an item on the ground, it shows you the name of it. ++ If it can show the bonus stats of this item it could be great. With that, the player would be able to see if the item is worth picking it or not. I don't really need it, it's only a suggestion i was thinking about.
  8. You can change the number of tiles per map in the same config document. Just double it if you want the same size as a regular map. And idk for the speed
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