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  1. You can design 2 shops in the editor. After that, in an event, based with conditions, you can show different shops to the player. Example : Shop #1 : Has your bread in stock. Shop #2 : Doesn't have it in stock. Event : If : The player doesn't have the bread : Open Shop #1 Else : Open Shop #2 You can also trigger different shops by setting more conditions. Hope this helps!
  2. I made a new player variable named Random Number. When you interact with the event use Set player variable Random Number 1 to 100. Now you can make a conditional branch to your event: If player variable Random Number is Greater than -> Give player Item #1 If player variable Random Number is Lesser than -> Give player Item #2 Hope this option will help you!
  3. Thanks for sharing your formula! I worked on mine a little today and I ended up with this : "MagicDamage": "(((A_AbilityPwr/(V_MagicResist/3))+1)*CritMultiplier)", "PhysicalDamage": "(((A_Attack/(V_Defense/3))+1)*CritMultiplier)", "TrueDamage": "(BaseDamage*CritMultiplier)" I think it's fine for me. The division was a great idea! I made a lot of tests and i'm pretty confident with my results.
  4. Hi all! I tried many things with the damage formulas. I want to have a pretty simple formula, like this one : "PhysicalDamage": "(BaseDamage-V_Defense)+1", Pretty basic uh? The problem here is that i want the damage to always be equal or greater to one. But i didn't manage to do so. If the V_Defense is greater than the BaseDamage, then the damage will go on negative numbers. So the +1 here is meaningless Is there a way i can use conditions or something to have at least 1 damage? Thank you so much!
  5. I don't think it should be hard to do a thing like this. When you put your mouse over an item on the ground, it shows you the name of it. ++ If it can show the bonus stats of this item it could be great. With that, the player would be able to see if the item is worth picking it or not. I don't really need it, it's only a suggestion i was thinking about.
  6. You can change the number of tiles per map in the same config document. Just double it if you want the same size as a regular map. And idk for the speed
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